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Council of Five Nations XXXIX, September 23-26, 2016



Registration for Council of Five Nations has been active for several days now.

Please remember that the pre-reg deadline is Monday, September 19th. We will shut down the online registration page at midnight on Monday the 19th. For those of you using old-fashioned US Post, please note we must receive your pre-reg envelope by Monday the 19th.

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If you have any questions, please email us at Council /at/ swa-gaming.org

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Council event highlight - The Artemis Starship Bridge Simulator

The Artemis Starship Bridge Simulator at Council of Five
Nations Adventure Gaming ConventionCouncil of Five Nations is very happy to be able to bring you the Artemis starship bridge simulator, with thanks to Eric S. and the Syracuse Society of Geeks.

Artemis is inspired by the Star Trek TV shows, where up to five players take the roles of officers on the starship Artemis.  Every officer but the Captain has a touch-screen computer console they use to perform their duties.  The Captain gives orders to the other officers.  Everything is projected up on a big view screen, just like in the Star Trek episodes.  It's all controlled by a central server computer.

Since our trial run last year went so well, the Artemis experience will be available at Council all weekend this year.  Sessions are 45 minutes long, and start at the top of each hour (with a 15-minute break at the end of each hour). Each play session will be only $1.  Tickets will be available at the Registration Desk (Even though you cannot pre-reg for this event, don't worry, we have plenty of spots available.  We can take six players per hour, which is 24 per standard 4-hour event session).

Sessions will begin at 2:00 PM on Friday, September 23rd, and run until about 1:00 PM Sunday. This is a great reason to get to the con early.

Look for the Artemis setup in the "Green Room" area behind the GE Theater.

Artemis Starship Simulator in action at Council of Five
NationsHere is a link with lots more info:

Here is specific info on each of the bridge officer roles:

Here is a link to a whole bunch of videos on YouTube:

Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in helping us out, we need volunteers to run the Artemis Star Ship simulator.  We will train you.  You will count as a GM and thus get into the con for free

We need at least six volunteers, one for each time slot except the Sunday "G" slot. Ideally, we will have twelve Artemis GMs.  We will send you a link to some online training videos, and we'll give you a quick primer onsite.

Our preference is for those of you who have played Artemis before, even a little.  If you have, please be sure to mention this in your email to us.  Please also mention which time slots you would be available to volunteer.  (We suggest you coordinate this decision with your event choices when you pre-register.)

Please contact us at Council /at/ swa-gaming.org  if you’re interested. (Please replace the “/at/” with the usual “@” sign – our apologies for this necessary anti-spam measure).

Council of Five Nations starts in less than three weeks - Friday, September 23rd through Sunday, September 25th.

You can find full information on the convention here: