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Battleground: Fantasy Warfare & Battleground: Historical Warfare events at Council of Five Nations

Council of Five Nations XXXVIII

October 2-4, 2015

Special Event Track

Battleground: Fantasy & Historical Warfare

Battleground: F/HW is an excellent miniatures game, disguised as a card game.  There are no figures to buy or paint; you can fit a whole army in your pocket.  This is NOT a “collectible card game”, where you buy many packs to get a bunch of rare cards to pump up your hand. These events have grown in popularity each year at Council, and we’re developing a reputation for one of the biggest and best Battleground cons. We’ve even got guys driving in from all over the Northeast to play at Council weekend.  Please stop by the Battleground area any time during the weekend to play a demo game.  Or, try one of these more formal events.

From The Ground Up Mini-Campaign * Battleground: Fantasy Warfare
A-Minis-3 * $ 2
Game Master: Marcus & Brook Giegerich & Villa * 12 Players * E10
Pick your faction and start the opening game with just the basics, then flesh out your army as the campaign goes on. Three rounds of increasingly challenging battles await you. Great and rewarding fun from start to finish! Note that Historical Factions are also welcome and encouraged!

Battleground: Fantasy Warfare is a point-based miniatures game - but without the miniatures. Battleground uses cards rather than painted models to represent your forces. This means a much lower price as well as easier transportation and setup, but don't be fooled - this is not a "light" war game or a CCG. Some knowledge of this rules system preferred.

Link: Battleground Discussion Forums - Council of Five Nations Thread
Link: Battleground: Fantasy Warfare Web Site

Battle for Metacosmic Supremacy, a Battleground campaign * Battleground: Fantasy Warfare
BFW-1 * $ 5
Game Master: Kevin & Marcus Block-Schwenk & Giegerich * 20 Players * Teen14
Players are assigned to one of four teams (Lawful Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Evil, and Chaotic Evil.) and choose one or two factions. Then all day Saturday & Sunday we play mostly team games (usually 2-on-2, though if at least half the players wish the game will break into multiple 1-on-1 games) which are Good-vs-Evil or Law-vs-Chaos, meaning another player may be your ally in one game and your opponent in the next.

Play as many or as few games as you like. The latest rule set (3.1) is used, with three minor additions. Medals awarded to the Gold, Silver & Bronze teams! Beginners encouraged.
Link: Link to campaign details and special rules
Link: Battleground: Fantasy Warfare Web Site

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