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Council of Five Nations - GM Event Submission

Last Update: Friday, August 26, 2017

Event submissions are closed!

We've scheduled the events and we're busy preparing and proofreading the pre-registration materials.

Click here to jump down to the online form to submit your events. It's on this same page if you scroll down a bit.
If you'd like to GM for Pathfinder Society, contact Sam Pitcheralle and sign up at the Pathfinder Society Warhorn page.
If you'd like to GM for D&D Adventurers' League, contact the D&D Public Play Czars Matt & Rob.

Hello prospective Game Masters,

Thank you for clicking, and for your interest in running games at Council of Five Nations XL, coming this September 29-October 1, 2017.

New stuff for 2017

The convention is in late September this year. We are continuing with our philosophy of being flexible to avoid scheduling conflicts (e.g. Union College homecoming weekend). We will always be some time in late September or early October. This year (2017) we will be September 29-October 1; next year (2018) it should be October 5-7.

The Council of Five Nations Philosophy

Council strives toward the goal of "quality over quantity." We're a medium-sized con (we expect 350-400 attendees this year), and we try to have top-notch events. As with all the Councils in the past several years, our goal is a nice balance between role-play games, miniatures, board games and other stuff. We thank you for helping make this happen, and for helping us maintain our high standards of event quality.

What we're looking for

We're looking for good, popular games that will draw attendees in the door. What's hot these days?...that's what we want. Really obscure stuff, and games that haven't been popular for a long time, have generally not done well for us at previous conventions. Also, the better your event description sounds, the better your chance of filling the game.

For several years now we've had a bunch of special interest "event tracks". This helps with marketing efforts and helps people see quickly if we have events to their liking. Not all events have to fit in an event track, but we'll create a track if we see a pattern.

Some event tracks that have done well for us in the past, and we will continue in 2017:
  • Board Game Geek Top 50: BGG is an excellent gauge of what's popular. We have found that Council board game events from the BGG top 50 often fill up quickly.
  • Board Game Guidance: A list of selected popular games and an up-to-the-minute list of games already submitted.
  • Pathfinder Society Organized Play: Pathfinder's popularity has skyrocketed in the past couple of years for us, both locally and regionally. We will have multiple tables of Pathfinder Society in each time slot.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers' League: This is another big draw for us, and most of the tables sold out last year. We will be building upon that success.
  • Historical Miniatures: Our goals are to have: at least two events per time slot; at least one World War II event per slot; and a good variety of periods (Ancients to Modern) with both skirmish and mass combat games.
  • Battleground: Fantasy & Historical Warfare.
  • The TITAN Northeast championship tournament qualifying games
  • Horror!: Call of Cthulhu RPG events generally do very well for us. Other horror games too.
  • The dedicated Wargame Room, to please old-school grognards and newer-school wargamers:
    • Old School hex games, like those from Avalon Hill, SPI and many other companies no longer with us.
    • New School hex games, like those from Multi-Man Publishing and other companies that are still with us.
    • Newer Card Driven games, like some of the popular titles put out by GMT Games.
  • Euro Games: Probably a lot of overlap with the BGG Top 50 list, but popular Euro games almost always do well for us.
Tournaments for 2017:
We will continue our emphasis on two-player tournaments, particularly miniatures. We had a good start with this effort last year, and we look forward to building upon it.
We are looking for the following:
  • Warhammer 40K
  • Warrior historical miniatures
  • Star Wars: X-Wing Minis
  • Android - Netrunner
  • 2-person miniatures tournaments
  • Others that you think will draw interest: Bolt Action, Confronation, Flames of War, Malifaux, Hordes, whatever. Please contact Dave the Tournament Czar if you have an idea (contact info below).
It bears repeating - not all events need to fall into one of these event tracks. Probably only 50% of our published events do. But, if you'd like to run a game, and you're looking for ideas, maybe looking at these themes will give you some ideas.

Same location as last year: Proctors Theatre and Conference Center

We had a good experience at Proctors the past several years, so we've made a the decision to stay there until further notice. By staying in one place, this helps us learn from experience.

Event Czars

Having several people help coordinate the different types of events has worked well for us in the past. If you've got a question about running a particular type of event, please contact the appropriate person below:

Board GamesJohn Fitzpatrickjohn /at/ apathy.net
MiniaturesDave Chengdave /at/ swa-gaming.org
Role Play GamesKaren Seizkaren /at/ swa-gaming.org
Pathfinder Society Organized PlaySam Pitcherallepathfinder /at/ swa-gaming.org
D&D Adventurers' LeagueMatt Gallinger & Rob KirkerDDAL /at/ swa-gaming.org
TournamentsDave Chengdave /at/ swa-gaming.org
Other QuestionsBill Dickerson bill /at/ swa-gaming.org

Please replace the "/at/" with the usual "@" sign. We apologize for needing to take these anti-spam efforts.

Maturity Ratings & Games just "For the Kids"

Many of us got started in adventure gaming before we were old enough to drive, and we'd like Council of Five Nations to welcome families and kids. But we also know that the thematic content or complexity of some games makes them unsuitable for young players. To allow attendees and parents to make an informed decision on participation in an event, every event will be assigned one of the following Maturity Ratings:

  • Child rating is for children age 6 - 9 with adult supervision
  • E10+ rating is for players 10 and up in age (This is the default rating)
  • Teen rating is for players 14 and up in age
  • Mature rating is for players 18 and up in age.

Our hope is that all GMs will welcome players of ages 10 and above, as a standard. We think a mix of kids and adults at a gaming table is good for us and good for the hobby. However, we also understand that the nature of some games, or the comfort level of some GMs, prevents this. These GMs should set the Maturity Rating of their game as appropriate.

We also know that it's healthy to have an offering of games targeted specifically for our younger attendees, so they can have fun on their own without adult players at the table. Our goal is to have a few "For the Kids" games in each time slot, particularly in the morning (C & F) and afternoon (A, D & G) time slots.

If you've got a game that would be good for our younger attendees, and you're good with kids, we'd love to have you GM for us. Please indicate "For the Kids" by checking the box on the online form. Please also be sure to click the appropriate button for the age group you think is best for this particular game (Child = ages 6-9) or (E10 = Ages 10-13).

Please remember that we need to grow new gamers to replace the ones that inevitably attrition away from the hobby over time. If you don't help grow new players, you might not have people to play with in the future.

Game Master Incentives

We will be keeping our two-tiered GM reward system, one that maintains our tradition of being one of the most generous conventions around.
  1. GMs that run only one game listed in the pre-reg booklet will get free weekend entry to the convention.
  2. GMs that run more than one game listed in the pre-reg booklet will get in free, and will also get the special GMs-only, not-for-sale, Council T-Shirt.

In both cases, you will still need to purchase tickets for events you want to play in (most games are $2). Events not submitted in time for the pre-reg booklet will earn you a $10 discount on the registration fee. Please understand our rationale - we feel that the best way to promote the con is to have as "full" a pre-reg booklet as possible. If an event misses the pre-reg book, it's far less effective in helping us draw attendees.

If you are running 2+ events, please list the shirt size you want on the Event Registration Form (online version below).

Please note: GMs who do not get their events in by the July 24th deadline will still get a shirt, but it might not be this year's color - it may be one we've got in leftover inventory from previous years.


Some game companies and retailers are donating prize support for select tournaments. If we get something appropriate for your event, we'll let you know.

If you would like us to try to arrange some kind of prize support for your game, please mention this in the "GM Requirements and other comments" box in the form below.

Otherwise, if you would like to supply and award a prize for your event, that is entirely up to you.

Photos? Please send them along

With the growth of this crazy internet thing, more of our marketing effort is moving online. Printed pre-registration booklets seem to be less important each year. Not only does this save us huge amounts of money, but it gives us flexibility to do some other things to help promote the convention.

One thing we've dabbled with in the past is having photos of games to include in the event description. Obviously, the more 'visual' the game is, the better this works. If you have some good photos of your game board or terrain that you think would help market your game, please email them to us after you submit your event. We'll include the best one in with your event description. Send the photos to council /at/ swa-gaming.org. Or, if you have photos posted at your own online site (PhotoBucket, Flickr, or some other site), and you'd like to provide a link in your event description, please do so.

Return Deadline - Monday July 24th, 2017

We are hoping to get the pre-reg material out in mid-August.

Questions? Comments? Requests?

Please contact either an Event Czar listed above or the Con Director:

Bill Dickerson
Phone: (518) 421-6446 (any time before 10pm Eastern time is fine)
Email: bill /at/ swa-gaming.org

Thank you again for your help with Council of Five Nations. We can't do it without you.


Council of Five Nations XL

Sept 29-Oct 1, 2017

Return Deadline - Monday July 24th, 2017

Event Registration Form

GM Contact Information


You don't have to provide the mailing address if the answers haven't changed since last time you submitted an event.
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
ZIP Code

Event Information

General Information

Event Title
Brief, catchy description for the Registration Booklet
Game System


Roleplaying Event
Boardgame Event
Miniature Event
Web Link #1:
Description #1
Web Link #2:
Description #2
Web Link #3:
Description #3
Examples "Board Game Geek page","Game designer's web site","Download the rules"


Maximum Number of Players

Skill Level Beginners will be taught (Strongly suggested)
Some knowledge of this rules system is required
Experts Only (Not recommended. Rare cases only, please)

Maturity Rating*
(Click to see explanations above)
Child rating is for children age 6 - 9, with adult supervision
E10+ rating is for players 10 and up in age (This is the default rating)
Teen rating is for players 14 and up in age
Mature rating is for players 18 and up in age.

Should we highlight this game as "For the Kids" (i.e. intended specifically for kids 6-13)? Yes

Will this game run more than a four hour time slot (please give details in the "GM Requirements" text box below). Yes

Table Preference One 6' round table (standard for most RPGs)
One 6' by 2.5' rectangular table
Two 6' by 2.5' rectangular tables (standard for most board games)
Two 8' by 2.5' rectangular table (standard for most miniatures games)
Three 8' by 2.5' rectangular tables (limited availability - only for larger miniatures games)
Other (Please specify in the GM Requirements" text box below)

Are all materials provided by the GM? Yes
If "No", Players should bring...
(Pre-gen Characters/figures/games/dice/props/other...)

GM Requirements and other Comments (Specific table requirements, electrical outlet, special stuff, etc.)


Please identify your first choice time slot as "Preferred".
Please list the others as "OK".
Please put "No" in any time slot that you cannot be scheduled.

If you want to run the same event multiple times, please note that in the "GM Requirements" box above. You may also list more than one time slot as "Preferred".

A Slot: Friday 2PM - 6PM
B Slot: Friday 7PM - 11PM+
C Slot: Saturday 9AM - 1PM
D Slot: Saturday 2PM - 6PM
E Slot: Saturday 7PM - 11PM+
F Slot: Sunday 9AM - 1PM
G Slot: Sunday 3PM - 7PM

About scheduling...

It is impossible for everyone to get their first "preferred" event slot. We really appreciate as much flexibility as you can give us. Please remember, we need to coordinate close to 200 events. We have to balance all the time slots as best we can, not only for the number of games presented, but also having a good distribution of games across all slots. (For example, we don't want to have 20 tables of D&D in one slot, and only 2 in the next.) Thank you for your understanding.

Please also note the two-hour break between the F and G slots on Sunday. This is to accommodate our annual Discount Game Auction, as well as lunch.

Free T-Shirt for GMs running 2+ games

Please remember that your events must be in early enough to get into the pre-registration booklet in order to get the free T-Shirt. Please list the size of the shirt you would like. We'll have it for you at the Registration Desk when you check in.

Please select your shirt size here:

Thank you!