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Parking in Downtown Schenectady for Council of Five Nations Adventure Gaming Convention



Council of Five Nations

Last Update:  October 5, 2013

Here is a map of downtown Schenectady (click here to download this JPEG file - 580 KB):

Parking map of Downtown Schenectady

On this map, you can the downtown Schenectady parking areas highlighted in yellow, and marked with “(P)”.

Proctors is location (1), highlighted in red, right in the middle of the map (E4).

Your best bet is the Parking Garage off Broadway (cell D4 on the map).

Parking in the Broadway garage is free all weekend.  Even if there is a garage attendant at the booth, just take the ticket.  You will not be required to pay when you leave.  If you want extra peace-of-mind, we will have a Broadway Garage parking pass that you can download and show any booth attendant that might be present.  Please click to go to the SWA downloads page to download the Broadway Garage pass.

Parking in the South Clinton lot is usually paid on Friday, and free on weekends.  But there are two shows at Proctors theatre on Saturday, so there will probably be attendants there on Saturday as well, looking for money.  Sunday should be free. 

Hotel Parking

If you’re staying at the Hampton Inn, they have a private lot for their guests.  That’s the best option for you.  The Hampton Inn is also in cell E4.

If you're staying at the Parker Inn, they have a part of the Clinton Street parking lot set aside for their guests.

Shows at Proctors

As mentioned above, there are matinee and evening shows at Proctors on Saturday.  That means the South Clinton lot behind Proctors, usually free on weekends, will require payment.  You're probably better off parking in the Broadway garage.

Loading & Unloading your Gaming Stuff

If you need to unload a lot of stuff for your game (like for GMs running a miniatures game), there are access doors directly off the convention area.  Park temporarily, come to the registration desk, and we’ll help get you situated.

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