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June Game-a-thon

The Schenectady Wargamers Association - June 2018 Game-a-thon

June 9, 2018 Game-a-thon

Game-a-thon is being held at Proctors in the Hearst Education Center (the basement). The primary entrance to this space is a staircase next to Proctors Box Office.

Morning Session ( 11am - 4pm )

She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain When She Comes
Desperado (modified)
Jennifer Paperman- GM
6 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

Wild West miniatures game using our Playmobil collection.

She'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes
She'll be carryin' the Army payroll when she comes
We will all be rich as Croesus
We will all be rich as Croesus
Oh, we'll all be rich as Croesus when she comes!

1853: Indian sub-continent
David Bibicoff- GM
6 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

This is the Indian sub-continent (British Imperial India) member of the 18xx family of games. It is billed as A game for engineers who've had enough of the financiers! It involves five-foot-six and metre gauges, hills, mountains and the Himalayas, contract bids and government mails. The technical challenges of building a railroad network in difficult country stand on a par with the financial market manipulation which usually dominates the 18xx games.

This is New game for all of us, so it will probably last into the evening session. If so, we will break for Dinner.

Follow this link to BGG.

Merchant of Venus
Troy Ferris- GM
4 Players
Maturity Rating: Mature

Players take on the roles of space traders who move their ships through interconnected systems discovering new alien worlds to trade with. As players start to make money delivering commodities in a unique supply-and-demand system, their earnings can be used to purchase better ships and equipment and construct their own spaceports and factories. The player who first acquires enough total value in cash and port/factory deeds takes the day.

Follow this link to BGG Page.

Star Trek Ascendancy + Expansions
Kevin Bibicoff- GM
5 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

In Star Trek: Ascendancy - a board game of exploration, expansion and conflict - you control the great civilizations of the Galaxy, striking out from your home worlds to expand your influence and grow your civilization. Will you journey for peace and exploration, or will you travel the path of conquest and exploitation? Command starships, establish space lanes, construct starbases, and bring other systems under your banner.

We will not be playing with the Borg. We will be using the Cardassians and Ferengi.
what2bring: Phasers, tricorders, comm badges, and lots of redshirts

Follow this link to BGG Page.
Follow this link to Combined Rulebook.
Follow this link to Official Page.

The Sword Of Selfairl DDEX2-14
Dungeons and Dragons 5e
Joshua DeBenedetto- GM
6 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

The fabled sword of Selfaril is told to bestow wisdom and power upon whomever wields it, so naturally its discovery has caused quite a stir in Mulmaster. All of this is complicated when a masked benefactor claims to not only know the truth about the blade, but also how it can be used to benefit the oppressed people of Mulmaster. Can it truly change Mulmaster for the better? A four-hour adventure for 5th-10th level characters.
what2bring: 5th level character sheet, dice, pencils

Evening Session ( 5pm - 10pm+ )

Two fat lardies, What a tanker
Ron DuBray- GM
12 Players
Maturity Rating: Teen

Head to head WWII tank combat. Games go fast so many games can be played.
what2bring: If you have a 1/48 scale tank you like from WWII feel free to bring it. But I have enough

Follow this link to Game video.

Gates of Loyang
Michael Moon- GM
4 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

At the Gates of Loyang is a trading game in which you are able to produce goods by planting them and later selling them to customers. You can use the abilities of some helpers to increase your income or production.

Follow this link to Board Game Geek Page.

Shanghai Trader
Tim Carleton- GM
6 Players
Maturity Rating: Mature

Shanghai Trader is a game of wheeling and dealing in the economic jungle of Shanghai in the early 20th century. Players create a trading empire with the goal of amassing the largest international bank account without succumbing to the treachery and vice of Old Chinatown, the skulduggery and unscrupulous practices of the established rackets, or the dirty tricks of other players. To win players must also escape the city before it falls to the revolution, leading to the execution of those left behind.

Follow this link to BGG.

Saga of the Goblin Horde: Ship Shape
Savage Worlds
Devin Fortman- GM
6 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

Those accursed humans are preparing to launch an invasion fleet against the Goblin Nation, and must be stopped! Your job is to sneak into the port, take out the captains, and trash their ships. At least getting away will be easy, since you have the privilege -- nay, the honor! of testing out another experimental flying machine created by the famed Renaissance gremlin Grinchie Charfoot.
what2bring: Dice, pencils

Follow this link to Goblin Horde player's guide.

"Missed Dues"
Call of Cthulhu 7th edition
Sean Segrue - GM
6 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

"Sticky Jack" Fulton has gone missing. You and your fellow investigators are sent by Mordecai "the Hammer" O'Leary to find "Sticky Jack" and encourage him to make good on a debt. Set in 1922 Arkham, MA, not all is as it seems, as will quickly become apparent to all.
what2bring: Bring dice, pencil and paper. All levels of experience welcome. Pre-generated characters provided. You are welcome to bring your own character. The scenario is written to accommodate investigators who move easily in the criminal underworld, or at the very least, have some acquaintance with the same.


Follow this link to the local Pathfinder's Lodge to see the event schedule and descriptions and sign up to play.
The lodge will be hosting a character workshop from 11 AM to noon to help familiarize new players with the game.
The Capital Region Pathfinder's Lodge also has a Facebook group.

Maturity Rating

To allow attendees and parents to make an informed decision on participation in an event, all events have been assigned one of the following Maturity Ratings:

  • Child rating is for children age 6 - 9 with adult supervision
  • E10+ rating is for players 10 and up in age
  • Teen rating is for players 14 and up in age
  • Mature rating is for players 18 and up in age.


Game-a-thons are held at the Proctors Arts Complex, at 432 State Street, in downtown Schenectady. We'll usually be meeting in the Hearst Education Center, also called the Underground, which is the finished basement area of the old Carl Company. The primary entrance to this space is a staircase next to Proctors Box Office.

Session Fees

Show up and play one game session = $4.00
Show up and play both game sessions = $6.00
First time attendance at a Game-a-Thon is free.
GMs get in for free (even if you only GM in one session).
Full-time students get in for free.
For our purposes, "full-time students" are people in Kindergarten through college. Our intent here is to help allow younger games/"new blood" to participate at SWA events, and the gaming hobby in general. The student discount does not cover working adults who happen to be taking a Continuing Education class. Please help us fulfill the spirit and intent of this policy.


Our Game-a-thons are intended to be pretty casual events; people stroll in and sign up for the event of their choice on-the-spot. Occasionally, however, events fill to their maximum and beyond.

If you would like to increase your chance of getting into the game of your choice, you can pre-register online. Online pre-registration is not required; you can still just stroll in and get into a game.

Follow this link to go to the online registration page. We'll add your name to the sign-up sheet; no advance payment is necessary.

We will hold your spot until the start of the session. If you are late and there are players ready to play, the game may start without you.

Questions or Comments?

Email your questions or comments to game-a-thon /at/ swa-gaming.org and we'll get them answered for you.

Events at Future Game-a-thons

If you'd like to run a game at a future Game-a-thon, please click here to submit your event online.

If you'd like to see a particular game run at a future event, let us know by sending us an email.

Hope to see many of you soon.