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November Game-a-thon

The Schenectady Wargamers Association - November 2017 Game-a-thon

November 11, 2017 Game-a-thon

Game-a-thon is being held at Proctors in the Hearst Education Center (the basement). The primary entrance to this space is a staircase next to Proctors Box Office.

Morning Session ( 11am - 4pm )

Bolt Action Casual Play
Bolt Action v2
Nate Whitchurch - GM
8 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

Bolt Action casual play. Bring your Bolt Action figures and fight out World War II battles at Gameathon!

Bring a 1000 point list, but prepare to be flexible.

If you would like to play but don't have figures please email nate@whitchurchphotography.com to set something up.

Follow this link to BGG entry.
Follow this link to Warlord Games website.

Leonardo Kammer - GM
5 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

Everyone knows of the pyramids on the Nile - eternal monuments of a powerful and beautiful culture, that can still take our breath away. The pharaohs choose their sites, build their pyramids, and thank Amun Re and the other Gods for their bounty.

Each player wants, as pharaoh, to build the most pyramids. To accomplish this, he must first acquire a province, where he can trade and farm. With his profits, he can buy new provinces and building stones to erect pyramids. For all his actions, the player must make clever use of his power cards, and always offer appropriate sacrifices to Amun Re. Players must always keep their eyes on the goal of the building of the eternal pyramids or risk falling behind in points.

Follow this link to BoardGameGeek page.
Follow this link to game rules.

Car Wars
Troy Ferris - GM
6 Players
Maturity Rating: Mature

Drive Offensively! Car Wars is a game featuring freeways of the future in which the right of way goes to those with the biggest guns. Players choose their vehicle - complete with weapons, armor, power plants, suspension, and even body style - then they take them out on the road, either to come home as "aces", or to crash and burn.

Follow this link to Board Game Geek Page.

double feature - The Expanse & Master of Orion
Skylor Edwards - GM


Flash Point Fire Rescue
Jim Dunaway - GM


Mike Rizzuti - GM
5 Players
Maturity Rating: Teen

The two new factions from the Invaders from Afar expansion will be available for play.

Wilderness War
Eric Alexopoulos - GM
4 Players
Maturity Rating: Teen

Wilderness War covers the French & Indian War, the climactic struggle between France and Britain for control of North America.  Players will need to raid the enemy frontier, build fortifications through harsh wilderness, recruit Indian allies, besiege forts and fortresses and deal with events occurring in Europe. Relive the history of this exciting time when the fate of Canada hung in the balance.
what2bring: Players should bring their copy of Wilderness War if they own it.

Castle of Necrosis
Battles of Ludonia
Neal Tanner - GM


Evening Session ( 5pm - 10pm+ )

1846: The Race to the Midwest
David Bibicoff - GM
5 Players
Maturity Rating: Teen

1846 is an 18xx game set in the Midwestern United States. Differences from other 18xx games include scaling the number of corporations, private companies, and bank size to the number of players, fewer restrictions on actions such as raising money and using private company powers, the initial distribution of private companies, and paying for virtually all track builds.

Follow this link to 1846: The Race for the Midwest (2005).

Michael Thomas - GM
3 Players
Maturity Rating: Teen

The players in the game take on the roles of Churchill, Roosevelt, or Stalin as they maneuver against each over the course of 10 Conferences that determine who will lead the Allied forces, where those forces will be deployed, and how the Axis will be defeated. The player whose forces collectively have greater control over the surrendered Axis powers will win the peace and the game.

Follow this link to Board Game Geek page for Churchill.
Follow this link to Extended play video.

Jim Dunaway - GM


Innovation Deluxe
Mike Rizzuti - GM
4 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

An updated edition of Carl Chudyk's civilization-building card game, Innovation Deluxe features highly interactive play in which you attempt to build a card drawing engine representing various technologies and social developments throughout history. Each turn can bring you a new advantage as you populate your tableau with new abilities. New players encouraged; if time permits, we may play a second game with the Cities expansion.

Follow this link to BGG.

The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31
Skylor Edwards - GM


Tragedy Looper
Michael Moon- GM
4 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

A tragedy occurs. You go back in time to prevent it, but things continue to end in tragedy. This is a game of logic and deduction, where you have to learn the roles of all the characters within a limited number of loops.

Follow this link to Board Game Geek Page.

Welcome to the San Luis Valley, Amigo
Call of Cthulhu, 6th. with some extra material.
John P Whitehead- GM
7 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

Strange doin's 'round these parts. Cattle killed, and parts removed that don't make no sense. Lights on the mountains, where there shouldn't be none. Shootin' stars that go in all different directions. It's enough to make a body think there was sumthin' afoot. Might be time for someone to take a look-see at the matter. How 'bout it?

Characters creation at the start of the game, so come early. Sheets will be provided.
what2bring: Bring pencils, dice (especially D100), paper, snacks. PLEASE COME EARLY>


Follow this link to the local Pathfinder's Lodge to see the event schedule and descriptions and sign up to play.
The lodge will be hosting a character workshop from 11 AM to noon to help familiarize new players with the game.
The Capital Region Pathfinder's Lodge also has a Facebook group.

Maturity Rating

To allow attendees and parents to make an informed decision on participation in an event, all events have been assigned one of the following Maturity Ratings:

  • Child rating is for children age 6 - 9 with adult supervision
  • E10+ rating is for players 10 and up in age
  • Teen rating is for players 14 and up in age
  • Mature rating is for players 18 and up in age.


Game-a-thons are held at the Proctors Arts Complex, at 432 State Street, in downtown Schenectady. We'll usually be meeting in the Hearst Education Center, also called the Underground, which is the finished basement area of the old Carl Company. The primary entrance to this space is a staircase next to Proctors Box Office.

Session Fees

Show up and play one game session = $4.00
Show up and play both game sessions = $6.00
First time attendance at a Game-a-Thon is free.
GMs get in for free (even if you only GM in one session).
Full-time students get in for free.
For our purposes, "full-time students" are people in Kindergarten through college. Our intent here is to help allow younger games/"new blood" to participate at SWA events, and the gaming hobby in general. The student discount does not cover working adults who happen to be taking a Continuing Education class. Please help us fulfill the spirit and intent of this policy.


Our Game-a-thons are intended to be pretty casual events; people stroll in and sign up for the event of their choice on-the-spot. Occasionally, however, events fill to their maximum and beyond.

If you would like to increase your chance of getting into the game of your choice, you can pre-register online. Online pre-registration is not required; you can still just stroll in and get into a game.

Follow this link to go to the online registration page. We'll add your name to the sign-up sheet; no advance payment is necessary.

We will hold your spot until the start of the session. If you are late and there are players ready to play, the game may start without you.

Questions or Comments?

Email your questions or comments to game-a-thon /at/ swa-gaming.org and we'll get them answered for you.

Events at Future Game-a-thons

If you'd like to run a game at a future Game-a-thon, please click here to submit your event online.

If you'd like to see a particular game run at a future event, let us know by sending us an email.

Hope to see many of you soon.