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Star Fleet Battles Tournament at Council of Five Nations - Adventure Gaming Convention

Star Fleet Battles Tournament


Council of Five Nations XXXVI

Last Update: Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Council of Five Nations XXXVI is coming this October 11-13.  Once again, we are poised to host the biggest and best Face-to-Face Star Fleet Battles Tournament in the whole world!  We consistently get attendance in the high 20s to 30s.

We pamper our loyal SFB crowd with a nice private SFB room all weekend, the best room in the facility.

The Council Cup - Star Fleet Battles Trophy

The Council Cup

The Council Cup is a  tradition we began in 2009.   It memorializes the names and ships of all the Council of Five Nations SFB tournament winners going all the way back to 2002, when we held our first full Star Fleet Battles tournament of the new-era Councils.

Here is the list of all the winners that currently appear engraved on the trophy:
  • 2002 - Brian Evans - Romulan TKR
  • 2003 - Paul Scott - Hydran
  • 2004 - Tim Sheehy - Hydran
  • 2005 - Peter Bakija - Gorn
  • 2006 - Stephen McCann - WYN Aux (11g1)
  • 2007 - Kevin Block-Schwenk - Romulan TKR
  • 2008 - Jason Gray - Romulan TKR
  • 2009 - Paul Scott - Federation TCC with G-Rack
  • 2010 - Bill Schoeller - Klingon
  • 2011 - Stephen McCann - ISC
  • 2012 - Peter Bakija - Gorn
You can see the Council Cup trophy in all its glorious magnificence in the photo to the right.

Tournament Attendance

As usual, we are compiling a list of the players we know will be coming, and the certainty of their attendance.  You will see below what we've heard so far. 

Reveiw the list - you'll see that we have players coming from all over the country.

If you're thinking about attending, please email us at sfb /at/ swa-gaming.org and tell us your (Committed / Probable / Maybe) status so we can add you to the list.  If you're already on one of these lists, but your status is changing, please let us know that too.

  1. Steve McCann [New Jersey] - Council Cup Champion
  2. Marcus Giegerich [New Jersey]
  3. Brook Villa [New Jersey]
  4. "Big" Ed Slusarek [New Jersey]
  5. Peter Bakija [Ithaca] - Council Cup Champion
  6. Courtenay Footman [Ithaca]
  7. Ben Kalb [Ithaca]
  8. Andrew Sackett [Ithaca via New Jersey]
  9. Brian Evans [Syracuse] - Council Cup Champion
  10. Andy Koch [Rochester]
  11. Carl Herzog [NY]
  12. Tos Crawford [Downstate NY]
  13. Brett Johnson [New Hampshire]
  14. Kevin Block-Schwenk [Massachusetts] - Council Cup Champion
  15. Ron Pilotte [Maine]
  16. Tim Sheehy [Pennsylvania] - Council Cup Champion
  17. David Zimdars [Michigan]
  18. Bill Schoeller [Texas] - Council Cup Champion
  19. John Rigley [SWA]
  20. Mike Rogozinski [SWA]
  21. Dave Cheng [SWA]

  1. Ken Stuart [Ithaca]
  2. Chris Dixon [New Jersey]
  3. Tom Compter [Vermont]
  4. Peter Landry [Massachusetts]
  5. Doug Riggi [SWA]
  6. Nick Klercker [SWA]

This is a list of guys who have attended in the past, talked about attending, had a friend mention they were thinking about attending, or that we know is thinking about attending because of our international email monitoring software.  We hope to promote many of them up to "Committed" or "Probable".
  1. Maybe one or more Brits from the Questing Knight SFB group [England!]
  2. Mike Kenyon [CO]
  3. John Behnken [NY]
  4. Jeff Hillebrandt [NY]
  5. Shane Bogardus [Syracuse]
  6. Chris Proper [Ithaca]
  7. Robert Bassett [Rochester]
  8. Jeannie Compter [Vermont]
  9. Paul Scott [California] 
  10. Ken Lin [Ohio] 
  11. Troy Williams [Nevada]
  12. Mike Johnson [Ohio]
  13. David Schultz [Florida]
  14. Jude Hornborg [Canada]
  15. Orbis Proszynski [Canada]
  16. Tim Linden [Canada]
  17. Lee Larsen [Canada]
  18. Brendan Lally [Canada - Alberta]
  19. Aldo Santolla [Canada - BC]
  20. Dave Brereton [Canada - BC]
  21. Geoff Conn [Canada - BC]
  22. Ben Ossenfort [SWA]
  23. Dage McNitt [SWA]
  24. Mike Sanchez [SWA]
  25. Eric Paperman [SWA]

Tournament Judge

Ken Kazinski  [Syracuse, NY]

Tournament Schedule
The tournament officially starts at 9am on Friday, October 11th. This is a little earlier than past years, because we're expanding the whole con to three full slots on Friday (9-1, 2-6, 7-11).

A bunch of us locals will be there when the doors open.  However, you do not need to be there that early to participate. We expect another wave of guys on Friday night after dinner, and yet another bunch on Saturday morning when the doors open at 8am.

See below for the details of the open Patrol round and finals bracket.

Experience Level
Most people on the three lists above have at least a solid knowledge of the rules and has played several games (a bunch of folks listed have Ace Cards). However, we know we'll have several players who are more at the novice level. We strongly encourage everyone to attend, whatever your experience level. We will try to pair you with players who can coach as you go along.

  • Students get roughly a 50% discount on their registration.
  • Groups of 3+ who pre-register in the same envelope, or together online, get $5 off each one.
  • October 11-13 is Columbus Day Weekend.  All our local State workers have Columbus Day Monday off from work. Maybe you do too, making it even easier to justify going to a con?

Online Discussion

You can follow the latest online discussion about the Council SFB tournament at the following sites:

The Star Fleet Battles Open Community Site - Specific discussion forum about the Star Fleet Battles tournament at Council of Five Nations 36:

The ADB Star Fleet Universe BBS
(Click "Company-Conventions-Stores-Ideas", then "Convention News (Multi Games)", then "Council of Five Nations".

Questions?  Comments?
Please send an email to sfb /at/ swa-gaming.org and we'll get 'em answered. 

(Please replace the "/at/" with the typical "@" sign.  We apologize for this anti-spam measure.)

Tournament Format and Rules

Patrol Phase
  • Starts at 9am on Friday
  • Finals will start at 7pm on Saturday evening. 
  • Play as many games as you want
    • You must play at least two patrol games to qualify for the finals bracket.
  • Tournament Judge will assign matches by availability and blind draw.

Finals participants determined by a three-step process:
  • Net wins
  • Total number of games played
  • Strength of record of opponents (if we have time to calculate this), OR a simple die roll (if we're short on time), as per the Tournament Judge's discretion.

Finals Bracket:
  • Quarterfinals (Top 8) at 7pm Saturday
  • Semi-finals (Top 4) at 9am Sunday
  • Finals at 2pm Sunday

Special Prizes
  • "Iron Man" = most Patrol round games played
  • "Cosmic Hitchhiker" = the player who traveled the farthest to attend.
  • "Nailbiter" = closest victory (fewest boxes left when opponent blows up).

  • Most importantly, the winner will have their name engraved on the Council Cup, to be honored for time immemorial.
  • We'll also have stuff from the Council prize stash.
  • Maybe some other stuff.

Please click for the main Council general info page.

Please click for Directions to Council of Five Nations.

Please click for the Council Hotels page.

Please click for the Council Parking page.

If you have any questions, please email us at Council /at/ swa-gaming.org

(Please replace the "/at/" with the typical "@" sign.  We apologize for this anti-spam measure.)

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