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Council of Five Nations XLII

Last Update: Friday, September 13th, 2019

The 41st annual Council of Five Nations is coming September 20-22, 2019

What's going on with Star Fleet gaming at Council this year?

A lot!

The Star Ship Enterprise - Star Trek gaming at Council
of Five Nations adventure gaming convention

So much, in fact, that we are giving you an Executive Summary here at the top of this web page.  Please scroll down to read all the material, or click on the summary link to jump right to that section.

What's the latest news?

Convention Registration is now open.

NEW FOR 2019: Registration is now handled via the Table Top Events web interface.  You will need to create an account if you do not have one already. 
Please click here to submit your events:  https://tabletop.events/conventions/council-42

Also, we are no longer charging for individual event tickets.  There is a flat fee to get into the convention, either daily or whole-weekend rates.  All info is available at the tabletop.events link above.

And, you can always click here for the main Council general info page.

Weekend Kickoff - Thursday night banquet

Star Fleet Battles players at dinner - Council of Five
Nations adventure gaming convention

We will host our usual Star Fleet banquet on Thursday, September 19th, at 8:00 PM.

Some of our players travel to Schenectady on the Thursday before Council each year, so they can start the SFB action bright and early on Friday.  We want to give you all a special reason to do so this year.  This will allow us to kick-off Council weekend in high style.

To the right you'll see a photo of a bunch of our SFB guys at lunch from 2014.  We want to offer you all an experience like this!  We've had good turnout the past few years.  My memory is hazy, but I think we had like 8-10 the last couple of years, and maybe 15-ish back in 2016, for our big Star Trek 50th anniversary year.

If you're interested in joining us for a group dinner on Thursday, September 19th, please let us know.  We'll start compiling a headcount.  When we're close to Council weekend, we'll poll the group for food preferences and book a space at one of our nicer local restaurants. We will happily provide transportation to anyone who needs it.

To get on the list, please email us at SFB /at/ swa-gaming.org  if you’re interested. (Please replace the “/at/” with the usual “@” sign – our apologies for this necessary anti-spam measure).

Star Fleet Universe Gaming

Council has long-considered Star Fleet Battles one of our flagship events.  We give the SFB guys the best room in the whole facility (up on the 2nd floor, with a big glass wall looking down upon the main convention thoroughfare).  We offer a friendly, welcoming environment where you can not only play, but hang out and socialize with other SFU gamers over a beer.
The Star Fleet Universe room at Council of Five Nations
Adventure Gaming Convention
Council has featured Star Fleet games from the Amarillo Design Bureau for many years. With ADB no longer attending Origins, we are making a special effort to welcome all Star Fleet Universe gamers.  We have been working for years now to expand our reach beyond tournament Star Fleet Battles.  If you are a fan of the following games, we would love to see you at Council this year and many years into the future.
  • Federation & Empire
  • Non-tournament Star Fleet Battles
  • A Call to Arms: Star Fleet
  • Federation Commander
  • Star Fleet Miniatures
  • Starmada
  • Star Fleet Role-Play
  • Any and all Star Fleet Universe games!

The Council Cup - our big annual Star Fleet Battles tournament

Council of Five Nations has been the home of the biggest, best Star Fleet Battles tournament in the whole world for many years now.

The Council Cup - Star Fleet Battles TrophyThe Council Cup is a tradition we began in 2009.   It memorializes the names and ships of all the Council of Five Nations SFB tournament winners going all the way back to 2002, when we held our first full Star Fleet Battles tournament of the new-era Councils.

Here is the list of all the winners that currently appear engraved on the trophy:
  • 2002 - Brian Evans - Romulan TKR
  • 2003 - Paul Scott - Hydran
  • 2004 - Tim Sheehy - Hydran
  • 2005 - Peter Bakija - Gorn
  • 2006 - Stephen McCann - WYN Aux (11g1)
  • 2007 - Kevin Block-Schwenk - Romulan TKR
  • 2008 - Jason Gray - Romulan TKR
  • 2009 - Paul Scott - Federation TCC with G-Rack
  • 2010 - Bill Schoeller - Klingon
  • 2011 - Stephen McCann - ISC
  • 2012 - Peter Bakija - Gorn
  • 2013 - Brett Johnson - ISC
  • 2014 - David Zimdars - Orion
  • 2015 - Bill Schoeller - Klingon
  • 2016 - Chris Proper - Lyran
  • 2017 - Bill Schoeller - Klingon (3rd time's the charm!)
  • 2018 - David Zimdars - Orion
You can see the Council Cup trophy in all its glorious magnificence in the photo to the right.

Warm-Up Events

We usually have a summer warm-up event before the Council tournament.  This year we've outsourced that to Battlegroup Toronto.

Battlegroup Toronto Star Fleet Battles Tournament

July 26-28, 2019
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Congratulations to repeat winner Tim Linden!

Please click here for more information:  Battlegroup Toronto Star Fleet Battles Tournament

The Ithaca Cup - January 2020

For over twelve years, the SFB players of Battlefleet SWA staged an annual summer raid on the farmsteads of idyllic Ithaca, NY.  We invited all interested SFB mercenaries to join us in plunder and pillage.  The winning team gets immortalized with an engraving on the Ithaca Cup trophy.

If you’d like to read up on how things have gone in the past, here are some links:
Ithaca Cup 2015
Ithaca Cup 2014
Ithaca Cup 2013
Other Ithaca Cup events over the annals of time

The Ithaca Cup Trophy Presentation Ceremony - 2015

The photo to the right shows the traditional trophy ceremony from 2015. Team SWA (with some help from mercenaries and an Ithaca turncoat) scored a rare win over Team Ithaca.  The trophy you see has so many engraved plaques from over the years, they spill over to the back and sides.  We've got room for several more years, so no worries...


In 2018, there was no summer raid.  We realized that raiding is better when the harvests are in and families are huddled around the fireplace.  So we went in December. 

And it seems like that is catching on.  So The Ithaca Cup will happen in January 2020 this year.

Please contact us at SFB /at/ swa-gaming.org if you'd like to join us.

The Take One Leave One Swap Table

This is something we started in 2014.  Thanks to some generous donations by SWA members, we started Council 37 with a nice pile of used SFB stuff.  And then some of our attendees donated even more stuff.  We got even more donations in 2015.

We've got big plans for this pile of goodies.

New Players - Get Free Stuff
People new to Star Fleet gaming, who give it a try and like it, will get some free stuff to take with them.  We're doing what we can to help grow new players.  At last year's Council, we were happy to send a new player home with a rulebook and a few SSD modules.

Veteran Players - Swap Your Stuff
To those of you who already have a pile of Star Fleet gaming stuff, here is your chance to swap for something that you're looking for.  Bring your stuff to trade, and swap for something of roughly equal value.  We're not picky - this is all on the honor system.

The pile of stuff we have now takes up a full 30" wide shelf on a book case; dozens of different modules, and more than one old rule book.  If you have stuff you'd like to donate, please bring it along.

You can see the current library inventory by clicking here.  We will give this list a formal update soon.

Tournament Attendance

The SFB tournament at Council is the biggest, best face-to-face tournament in the whole world. If you're looking for FtF SFB tournament action, this is the one-and-only place to find it in quality.

Every year we post lists of all the folks who are Committed to attending, Probably going to attend, and who Might be attending.  We have consistently been getting in the 20s in attendance for years. 

Here is our current RSVP list (as of the Last Update date at the top of this website page):

  1. Jarod Ikeda - CA - Council First Timer!
  2. Tyson Ikeda - CA - Council First Timer!
  3. Brendan Lally - Alberta, Canada - Council First Timer!
  4. Sebastian Palozzi - Ontario, Canada
  5. Fred Werenich - Ontario, Canada
  6. Tim Linden - Ontario, Canada
  7. Andrew Sackett - VA via Ithaca
  8. Courtenay Footman - Ithaca
  9. Brook Villa - NJ
  10. Marcus Giegerich - NJ
  11. Big Ed Slusarek - NJ
  12. Bill Schoeller - TX
  13. Dave Zimdars - MI
  14. Tos Crawford - NY
  15. John Rigley - SWA
  16. Ken Burnside - Ad Astra Games & SWA
  17. Dave Cheng - SWA

  1. Brett Johnson - NH
  2. Brian Evans - Syracuse
  3. The mythical Andy Koch - Rochester
  4. Mark LeFort - Ontario, Canada
  5. Chris Dixon - NJ
  6. Steve McCann - NJ
  7. Carl Herzog - MA

We had record attendance, 42 (!), for the Star Trek 50th Anniversary event in 2016.  We doubt we'll ever see numbers like that again, but who knows?...

If you’d like to let us know about your Committed/Probable/Maybe status, please contact us at sfb /at/ swa-gaming.org and let us know.  (Please replace the “/at/” with the usual “@” sign – our apologies for this necessary anti-spam measure).

Tournament Schedule - CHANGES FOR 2019

The tournament officially starts at 10:00 AM EDT on Friday, September 20th, 2019.

Even though the tabletop.events schedule says SFB starts at 2pm, it really starts for the early-birds at 10am on Friday.  We've got eight coming to town on Thursday night, so there will be plenty of SFB action on Friday morning.

The locals will be there when the doors open.  However, you do not need to be there that early to participate. We expect another wave of guys on Friday night after dinner, and yet another bunch on Saturday morning when the doors open at 8am.

The Patrol round goes all day Friday, and Saturday morning and afternoon.  We probably won't start any new games past 2pm on Saturday, because all Patrol games need to wrap by 5:00 PM.  We will then calculate the top four players and announce that by 6:00 PM.

NEW FOR 2019 - Finals for Top Four

Going all the way back to 2002, our finals tree has always been the top eight records from the Patrol round.  However, it has been many years since we played the actual Final match onsite.  With so many players having memberships for Star Fleet Battles Online (you should too if you're reading this), playing the finals online allowed for more flexibility with travel schedules.

No more!  By going to only Top Four records in the finals, we will be firm on concluding the tournament on Sunday, onsite.

The Semi Finals (top 4) will start at 7:00 PM on Saturday.

The Finals (top 2) will start at 9:00 AM on Sunday.
Any player not able to stay and complete the finals match onsite will forfeit.  That will probably lead to their semi-finals opponent advancing to the Finals match.

Special Tournament Rules

  1. The following ships will be allowed in this tournament
    1. The G-Rack Fed
    2. The Fast Fed (3 Photons, 7 Phaser-1s)
  2. The following modifications are in effect for this tournament
    1. On the LDR Red Jaguar TC, the two FA Phaser-1s (#1 & #2) have their arcs extended to FX

Experience Level
Most of our attendees have at least a solid knowledge of the rules and has played several games (a bunch of folks have Ace Cards). We strongly encourage everyone to attend, whatever your experience level. We will try to pair you with players who can coach as you go along.

Travel to Council of Five Nations

Council of Five Nations pulls most of its attendees from around the Northeastern United States. But every year we have a bunch that travel from beyond a 4-hour drive radius; many of these come for our Star Fleet Battles and other Star Fleet Universe games. 

By Air
If you are flying to Council, you will want to fly to Albany International Airport (code ALB). 
Fun trivia fact: Albany was the very first "international" airport established in the United States (probably because we had flights to Canada).

Albany Airport is roughly a 20-25 minute drive from the Council facility.  Many of our hotels offer a shuttle service to/from the airport.

By Train
If you are taking an Amtrak train, you want to go to the Schenectady, New York station. The Amtrak station is literally around the corner from Proctors, the host facility for Council. It is an easy walk, as long as you're not bringing too much luggage.

By Bus
There is a small bus station in downtown Schenectady, New York.  It too is within a reasonable walking distance of Proctors (about half a mile).

For your reference, Schenectady, New York, host city of Council of Five Nations, is:
  • About 3 hours north, by car, of New York City
  • About 4 hours south of Montreal, Quebec
  • About 4 hours east of Buffalo, New York
  • About 3 hours west of Boston, Massachusetts

Online Discussion

You can follow the latest online discussion about the Council SFB tournament at the following sites:

The Star Fleet Battles Open Community Site - Specific discussion forum about the Star Fleet Battles tournament at Council of Five Nations 42

The ADB Star Fleet Universe BBS
(Click "Company-Conventions-Stores-Ideas", then "Convention News (Multi Games)", then "Council of Five Nations".

Questions?  Comments?
Please send an email to sfb /at/ swa-gaming.org and we'll get 'em answered. 

(Please replace the "/at/" with the typical "@" sign.  We apologize for this anti-spam measure.)

For more information about the convention...

    Please click for the main Council general info page.

    Please click for Directions to Council of Five Nations.

    Please click for the Council Hotels page.

    Please click for the Council Parking page.

    Please click for Downtown Schenectady resources for Dining, Shopping, and a Visitor's Map.

If you have any questions about the convention, please email us at Council /at/ swa-gaming.org

(Please replace the "/at/" with the typical "@" sign.  We apologize for this anti-spam measure.)

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