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The Northeast TITAN League / Championship 2014-2015


The Northeast TITAN League / Championship 2014-2015

SWA’s 6th Annual Titan League and Tournament starts NOW! It is league style play where the games count as preliminary/qualifying games in the tournament. The top rated players qualify for and may play in the semifinal round. The Semifinal and Final games of the tournament will take place face-to-face on one day, the March 2015 game-a-thon date. League/qualifying games can be played any time now through Feb. 21, 2015. Players may organize and report games on their own, and even play online, or on the ipad app if they choose!

We are organizing games now!
Please email TitanTournament@swa-gaming.org if you would like to organize or participate in online or face to face league games.


Unless otherwise specified all face-to-face games will take place Proctors Arts Complex, at 432 State Street, in downtown Schenectady. To pay the to use the space, we charge each player $4 per game or $6 per day.

All level players

Although it is a league/tournament the most important thing is that we all get together to have fun and play Titan. Beginners and novice players are encouraged to participate. Normally the rules of the game will not be taught, but tournament GMs are available to answer any rules questions and/or disputes. If you wish to be taught the rules, let us know we will do our best to accommodate you and may run some teaching games.

The Rules

In addition to any tournament rules explained below, we will be adhering to Bruno Wolff’s Titan Errata and Clarifications (including the Etiquette guide) found here http://wolff.to/titan/errata.html. Printed copies of this are available for reference during the tournament.

League/Qualifying Rounds

League games count as preliminary/qualifying games in the tournament. Players will be able to play in as many or as few League games as they like. GMs will be organizing preliminary games at SWA events and online. Watch for announcements. Players may also organize/host games.

Preliminary games will be 4-player when possible, 3-player or 5-players if the number of available players necessitates it. Prelim games will be made up randomly from the available pool of players at the specified start times. Except that, where possible, we will attempt to separate people who have already played each other this year. There are no guarantees, but we will try to give people a chance to play against a variety of opponents. Currently the league with not be hosting or accepting results from 2-player games.

Player Hosted Qualifying games
Players may organize and schedule their own games, even online or on the ipad app, that will be accepted as official tournament games if all players in the game are willing to be in the league and the game results are reported properly (see below).

Games must be 3-5 players, 4 is preferred. Results of the game, with all necessary info, must be properly recorded and reported to TitanTournament@swa-gaming.org by February 21 2015. A PDF of the official record sheet will be emailed to you upon request. Results must specify who won, in what order players were eliminated, who eliminated who, concessions, mutual eliminations, and point totals IF game is decided by time limit.

Player hosted games need to have game rules and errata easily available to resolve any potential rules disputes. If time permits, disputes may be resolved by emailing the Tournament GMs. If players are unable to resolve the rules dispute and move on to game completion, or if a significant game changing rules error occurs, results of the game may be rendered null and void at the discretion of tournament GMs.

If players would like to organize games online, see online rules

Start Times / Time Limits

Unless stated otherwise, preliminary and semi-final games will have a 6 hour time limit. Do not begin a game that you are not prepared to finish. If a player chooses to leave before the game end or time limit they must withdraw from the game, unless all players agree to a shorter time limit.

Hopefully most 4-player games will be over before the time limit. But unless all remaining players agree to keep playing, prelim games will end roughly when the 6-hour time limit is reached. All players should receive the same number of turns. Players should be conscious of the time limit so a new round of turns should not be started if it is likely to cause the game to go significantly over the time limit. Winners of games that end due to time limit will be determined by adding the following:

+ a player’s points scored from battles

+ double the number of points in a player’s Titan legion

+ the number of points in the player’s strongest legion besides its Titan legion


Players will score points for winning games, finishing ahead of other players and eliminating Titans. The number of points a player has scored will be divided by the number of games they have played to determine a player’s average or rating. Note: Players who only play less than 4 games will still have their points divided by 4. This is to get an accurate average and to encourage players to keep playing if they win their first and/or second game, since they can’t hurt their average unless they’ve already played 4 games.
Players with the highest average/rating will advance to the semifinals.

Players will receive the following points

Points in a 4-player game
1st gets 14 points (Mutual for 1st gets 11 points)
2nd gets 8 points (Mutual for 2nd gets 6 points)
3rd gets 4 points (Mutual for 3rd gets 2 points)
Plus 1 point per Titan kill

Points in a 3 player game
1st gets 12 points (Mutual for 1st gets 9 points)
2nd gets 6 points (Mutual for 2nd gets 3 points)
Plus 1 point per Titan kill

Points in a 5 player
1st gets 16 points (Mutual for 1st gets 13 points)
2nd gets 10 points (Mutual for 2nd gets 8 points)
3rd gets 6 points (Mutual for 3rd gets 4 points)
4th gets 2 points (Mutual for 4th gets 1 points)
Plus 1 point per Titan kill

Mutual eliminations split the difference between the positions

Semis and Final Rounds
Players with the highest average score in the league/qualifying games will advance into the semi-final round and the top rated players will be placed in different games. The number of players in the semi-final round will depend on the number of league/tournament participants who are eligible and who can attend. If it is known that a qualifier can’t attend a number of alternates may be allowed.

If there are 12 or less, 6 will qualify for the semis (up to 1 alternate of the next 2).
If there are 13–20 players, 8 will qualify for the semis (up to 2 alternates of the next 3).
If there are 21–30 players, 12 will qualify for the semis (up to 3 alternates of the next 5).
If there are 31+ players, 16 will qualify for the semis (up to 4 alternates of the next 6).

The number of games played and numbers of players in the semifinals will depend on how many attend. They will be organized to advance 4 players to the final game. The final game will be 4 player. If a finalist cannot attend, the next highest finisher available of semifinals may play.

If there is a mutual elimination for an advancing into the final game, the player with the higher average from the preliminary rounds will advance to the final. If there is a mutual elimination in the final game, the player with the higher rating from the semifinal will place above the player with the lower rating from the semifinal game.

Semis and Finals will take place on the March 2013 S.W.A. Game-a-thon day.
Semis 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. with time limit. 
Finals starting at 4:00 p.m. UPDATED: because of the change in venue we may have to have a time limit for the final if it goes too long

Prizes and Bragging rights

There will be a plaque for the winner. And the winner will get to take home the TITAN CUP as long as they bring it back next year. Since we are not charging a league fee there will probably NOT be cash prizes this year. If you wish to donate to or help with prize support email us at TitanTournament@swa-gaming.org

The winners of the tournament will be listed on the SWA website, and the tournament results will be sent to A.R.E.A. (Avalon Hill Reliability, Experience, and Ability Scoring System - http://wolff.to/area/G_TTN.htm.


In face to face games, physical memory aids (paper, computers, etc.) are NOT allowed except for recording information requested by the game master (such as points, who killed who, etc.). Players may only use their memories to keep track of stack contents or to make decisions in the game.

Players still in the game have an interest in the outcome of battles being fought by other players, and as such are allowed to give advice as long as they aren't bothering the player who it is being given to. No advice may be given by anyone not playing in the game, except to point out a rules violation.

Players are expected to start each game playing to win. If it is found that a player was more interested in helping another player than their own performance, adjustments to the results may be made.

Online games
Caution: Online games are play at your own risk! If someone’s computer crashes, a server goes down, or some other technical glitch causes a game to end prematurely AND the players can’t agree on the results - the game will not count. Also, we can't stop players from sharing info, making email deals, asking advice, or other potential ways of cheating. Again, Online games are play at your own risk!

Unlike face to face league games, it is expected that players will refer to emails and game journals and may take notes, etc.

iPad app: We would be happy to accept results from games on the ipad app. It seems that the rules bugs have been corrected so it's a good option now. But it is worth noting that the game journal is still not great, and there will be no record of the game to refer to. So if you are playing an ipad game it will be important to keep track of events that need to be reported (order of elimination, mutual eliminations, etc.). Using the in-game messaging to report these things to eachother is recommended.
Email us if you are interested in playing league games on the ipad app and we will help organize if we can.
Link to app - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/titan-hd/id488026817?mt=8

Colossus: We are more than willing to accept results from Colossus games, and it is a good option for online play. Again Caution: If someone’s computer crashes, a server goes down, or some other technical glitch causes a game to end prematurely AND the players can’t agree on the results - the game will not count. We will not act as arbitrators to resolve disputes. Please plan on if, and how, you will deal with technical difficulties BEFORE the game starts.
Email us if you are interested in playing league games on the Colossus and we will help organize if we can.
Link to Colossus - http://colossus.sourceforge.net

ACTS: It can be difficult for some players to get used to the ACTS system, but it is a great option for league games. We will be running regular ACTS games, so email us if you are interested in playing in them.
Link to ACTS - http://acts.warhorsesim.com/index.asp

Note: ACTS does allow players to make mistakes and violate the rules, so please be careful and keep an eye out for errors. There will be no leniency with regards to mis-clicks, forgotten moves and range strikes and the like. Things that MUST take place, like a for instance a forgotten strike, will have to be conducted. The game is rewound back to the earliest omitted action and proceeds from there. If a mistake is more than a turn back and/or seems to be unreasonable given the level of mistake and impact on the game, please consult with GMs before going ahead with the rewind.

Rolling too many dice: reroll limited to a maximum of the same number of hits. Rolling too few dice: The already rolled dice count, and another roll with the rest of the dice is made. Rolling dice with missing or ambiguous indication of what it relates to: The entire roll is rerolled, with no restrictions. Rolled damage that is not applied will still count.

This year we are adding an ACTS etiquette rule. No "reverse splitting". This means when splitting that the original marker should contain more pieces, or as many pieces as any new legion markers contain.

Any ACTS disputes will be settled by League GMs (Nick Klercker, Ralph Mabb, Mycroft Sowizral).


There will be several GMs, all of whom will be playing the league/tournament. Should any dispute involving a GM occur, that cannot be resolved using Bruno Wolff’s “Titan Errata and Clarifications”, a ruling will be made by the GM(s) not involved.

Want to be a league rep?

We are looking to grow the SWA Titan league. Ideally we would have face to face and online league games conducted by league reps and groups scattered around the Northeast. Then on one day or weekend a year the top ranked players, and any other Titan lovers, get together (currently in Schenectady NY) for the Semi-finals, final games, and maybe even some fun Titan variants. This would minimize travel and allow more people to participate. Let us know if you're interested league rep to help us grow and/or organize Titan events. TitanTournament@swa-gaming.org