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The Northeast TITAN Championship 2018


The Northeast TITAN Championship 2018

SWA’s 9th Annual Titan Tournament is Saturday November 10!

The tournament will consist of two rounds. The first round will be a open to all who know the game, but seeded based on previous tournament placement. The final game will consist of the winners from the first round.

PLEASE email TitanTournament@swa-gaming.org if you would like participate in the tournament so we can anticipate the number of players. Just email and tell us “Yes or Maybe, I’m planning on playing”.


Tournament will be at Proctors Arts Complex, 432 State Street, in downtown Schenectady, NY.

To pay the to use the space, we charge each player $4 per game or $6 per day.

Level of players

As long as you have played a couple times and know the rules well enough to not slow play down with tons of questions we WANT you to play! If you need something clarified here and there no biggie. But this is a tournament and NOT for Beginners. The rules of Titan will NOT be taught. Rules and errata, as well as tournament GMs will be available to answer any rules questions and/or disputes. The first round of the tournament will be seeded to distribute higher-level and lower-level players.

The Rules

In addition to any tournament rules explained below, we will be adhering to Bruno Wolff’s Titan Errata and Clarifications (including the Etiquette guide) found here http://wolff.to/titan/errata.html. Printed copies of this are available for reference during the tournament.


Round 1
9:00 a.m. Start
PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY. Try to arrive around 8:45a.m. We are planning to start as close to 9 as possible.

Number of games
The number of games played in the first round will depend on the number of players participating. We will try to set up games to result in a 4-player final while avoiding 6-player games. For example: If we have 18 players we would have 2 4-player games and 2 5-player games. But if we have 25 players we would move to a 5-player final and play 5 5-player games in round 1. This decision will be made by Tournament GMs before randomizing seeded players.

Games will be setup using “balanced towers”. Meaning, player’s starting towers will be randomly determined making sure that any empty tower is not adjacent to another empty tower. This will distribute players evenly around the board.

The first round of the tournament will be seeded in attempt distribute higher-level and lower-level players as much as possible to create as balanced a first round as we can.

Players will be assigned to round 1 games as follows.

First, any player who has previously won the Northeast Titan Championship or a World Boardgaming Championship Titan Tournament, will be randomly assigned to different games where possible.

Second, any player who has previously played in a NTC or WBC Titan Final round game will be randomly assigned to different games where possible.

And finally, all remaining players will be randomly assigned to the available spots.

Time Limit

Round one will end around 3:00 p.m.

All players must receive the same number of turns. Players should be conscious of the time limit so a new round of turns should not be started if it is likely to cause the game to go significantly over the time limit. Remember that battles can take a while. Don’t start a new round with only 10 minutes to go, if there will likely be a large battle.

Winners of games that end due to time limit will be determined by adding the following:

+ a player’s points scored from battles

+ double the points for the Titan and the 4 strongest creatures in a player’s Titan legion.

the number of points equal to the best 5 creatures in one of the player's non-Titan legions.

Do not begin a game that you are not prepared to finish. If a player chooses to leave before the game end or time limit they must withdraw from the game, unless all players agree to a shorter time limit.

Winner Advances to Final
Winners of round 1 will advance to the Titan Championship final game.

In the event of a mutual elimination situation. The attacker should roll seven dice needing 4s, 5s and 6s. If they get 4 or more hits they’re considered the victor of the battle and advance to the Final.

Final Round

Final game will start at 4:00 p.m.
It may start earlier if all round 1 games are finished and all Finalists agree to an earlier start.

If a player is unable to attend the final, and it would reduce the participants to under 4 players, replacements players who finished 2nd in round 1 may participate. The first alternate will be from any players who lost by mutual elimination roll-off, with another roll-off if there are more than one who lost by mutual. If none meet that requirement, then a roll-of of from the rest of the second place players from round 1 will be used to fill the available spots. If no 2nd place finishers are available from round 1 then the final game will have less than 4 players.

Winner of the Final Game is our Titan Champion
In the event of a mutual elimination situation. The attacker should roll seven dice needing 4s, 5s and 6s. If they get 4 or more hits they’re considered the victor of the battle and SWA Northeast Titan Champion.

Prizes and Bragging rights

The winner will get to take home the TITAN CUP as long as they bring it back next year. If you wish to donate to or help with prize support email us at TitanTournament@swa-gaming.org



Physical memory aids (paper, computers, etc.) are NOT allowed except for recording information requested by the game master (such as points, who killed who, etc.). Players may only use their memories to keep track of stack contents or to make decisions in the game.

Players still in the game have an interest in the outcome of battles being fought by other players, and as such are allowed to give advice as long as they aren't bothering the player who it is being given to. No advice may be given by anyone not playing in the game, except to point out a rules violation.

Players are expected to start each game playing to win. If it is found that a player was more interested in helping another player than their own performance, adjustments to the results may be made.


There will be several GMs, all of whom will be playing the tournament. Should any dispute involving a GM occur, that cannot be resolved using Bruno Wolff’s “Titan Errata and Clarifications”, a ruling will be made by the GM(s) not involved.

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Still want TITAN players for Saturday at 9:00 a.m

Calling all Titan players!

Based on the RSVPs there is still room in the Titan Tournament this Saturday the 10th.

RSVP is appreciated, but no biggie if you don't. Feel free to show up and play if you want to, and know the rules (see above tournament rules).

Hope to see you Saturday at 9:00 a.m for the first round.