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Council of Five Nations - Volunteer Information

Last Update: Monday, September 10, 2018

Hello Prospective Volunteers,

Thank you for your interest in helping us at Council of Five Nations 41, coming this October 5-7, 2018. We're looking for people who want to lend a hand with setting up before the convention opens, work at the Registration Desk, or assist with Sunday's Discount Game Auction.
Click here to jump down to the online form to volunteer. It's on this same page if you scroll down a bit.

If you have specific questions or requests, please contact our Volunteer Czar Chris Kelly at volunteers /at/ swa-gaming.org (please replace the "/at/" with the standard "@"; we apologize for this necessary anti-spam measure).

Volunteer Incentives Part 1 - Free Admission

We've divided the weekend into time slots that we will use for scheduling Con Staff and Volunteers. The Game Slots include the time before the games begin, which the Con Staff refers to as the "Rush Hour", when the Registration desk is usually busiest.
  • Volunteers that work for one time slot will get free weekend admission to the convention.
  • Volunteers that work for two time slots, and will also get the special "GMs-only" Council T-Shirt. There is a pull-down menu at the end of the form where you can tell us your shirt size. The shirts were ordered on September 4th; anyone signing up to volunteer after that date will receive a shirt of their choice from our box of past con shirts.

You will still need to purchase tickets for events you want to play in (most games are $2).

Volunteer Incentives Part 2 - Early Pre-registration

We're trying something new this year. We'd like to get a few more volunteers than usual and we want to get the scheduling done earlier than usual (before we get busy with pre-registration and con preparation). So anyone who volunteers by Sunday August 12, 2018 will have the opportunity to pre-register for the convention before our online pre-registration opens.

Our plan is to for the Volunteer Czar to prepare a work schedule and send it out to the Volunteers in late August. When the event schedule is ready, we'll give you a chance to select the games you want to play. We're aiming for you to have 3-7 days to peruse the event schedule and make your choices before online pre-registration opens to the public.

What Does a Volunteer Do?

The short answer is that you do whatever Con Staff (the guys wearing the safety orange Con polo shirts) ask you to do. But here's some of what we need to do:

Convention Set-up: Proctors staff will take care of the arranging the tables and chairs; not us! We have to set up the Registration Desk and Ticket Board, prepare and distribute the table signs, and generally make our selves ready to deal with the arriving guests.

Game Slots: The main tasks are to hand out pre-registration packets, deal with at-the-door registrants, sell and exchange event tickets, and help people find their game tables. Most of that happens during the breaks before & between games. Once the games are underway we will also deal with collecting the tickets from the GMs.

Don't Panic! We don't plan to leave you alone at the Registration Desk to fend for yourself. At least one Con Staff will there to guide you.

Thank you again for your help with Council of Five Nations. We can't do it without you.

Council of Five Nations 41

Oct 5-7, 2018

Volunteer Application Form

Contact Information

# of Slots to work One Two Three Four

When Can You Work?

Convention Set-up:Friday 8am-1pm Yes No
Game Slot A:Friday 1pm-6pm Yes No
Game Slot B: Friday 6pm-10pm Yes No
Game Slot C: Saturday 8am-1pm Yes No
Game Slot D: Saturday 1pm-6pm Yes No
Game Slot E: Saturday 6pm-10pm Yes No
Game Slot F: Sunday 8am-1pm Yes No
Game Slot G: Sunday 1pm-6pm Yes No
Convention Clean-up: Sunday 6pm-8pm Yes No
Auction: Sunday 1pm-3pm Yes No

Free T-Shirt for Volunteers working 2+ slots

Please select the size of the shirt you would like. We'll have it for you at the Registration Desk when you check in. The shirts were ordered on September 4th; anyone signing up to volunteer after that date will receive a shirt of their choice from our box of past con shirts.

Thank you!