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New Image for $37.50

Board Game Geek - Marketplace - Sun, 04/09/2017 - 08:22

by dwayman

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Reply: Redvers' Reverse: The Battle of Colenso, 1899:: Rules:: Re: REDVERS' REVERSE VIDEO TUTORIAL

Board Game Geek - Marketplace - Sun, 04/09/2017 - 08:21

by gbailey

Hi Troy,

Some answers:

In the first Boer fire at British units you pulled a SP marker. In the 2nd Boer fire at the British Fusiliers, you did not

An SP counter is only drawn once per unit per turn and is then used when resolving all fire for that unit that turn.

Only one zone that is best so would you not put all plot markers in the lower frontline zone? Then you would resolve the artillery fire?

Yes, all 6 plot markers would go in that one zone but because the tutorial only covers action at the Lower Frontline, I have presumed that the other 5 plot markers will have been placed 'off-board' to the west.

Hope this clarifies and thanks for your interest.

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Reply: Midwest:: Re: Minneapolis/Saint Paul Gamers?

Board Game Geek - Marketplace - Sun, 04/09/2017 - 08:20

by tdnordine

Fishbaugh wrote:

Moving to Minneapolis in a few weeks -- excited for a more active gaming culture than here in LA. It looks like the FFG game center has me covered for my LotR and Arkham Horror LCGs, but I'd appreciate any recommendations on where to go to break into the scene (not to sound lazy, but through a 700 page thread is just too much!). My new place seems to be equidistant from both Tower Games and Dreamers Vault -- what are your thoughts on these stores? I'm down to play anything really, from learning more about wargaming to euros to RPGs. Thanks for any info you can provide!

First of all, Welcome to the Twin Cities.

For wargames, there is no better place then The Source Comics and Games (Near FFG) on a Friday night. That is when First MN meats and plays wargames as well as just about anything else including a thriving 18XX community. There has been a Splitter revival recently as well as a lot of newer euros and ameriatrash . There is a guild here on BGG First Minnesota Historical Wargame Society where Want To play threads are done every week to set up specific games or you can stop by and say hi as there are always pick up games getting started. We are a very welcoming group.
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Thread: Gloomhaven:: General:: Several questions before backing

Board Game Geek - Marketplace - Sun, 04/09/2017 - 08:20

by drkrash

I wonder if anyone could help me out.

1) Can the legacy elements be tracked without using the stickers (e.g., recording info on scrap paper)?

2) Can two "groups" be playing at the same time? I'd be getting this mostly for solo play, but I know my boys will want to have a game going with me also. Can two games be going concurrently? I understand that there would be potential spoilers for me, but I can live with that.

3) I have limited room to keep a game set up. How long is the average session before you could record stuff, clean it up, and put it away?

4) I've seen some comparisons to Mage Knight. I loved the theme and components of Mage Knight, but didn't really like the gameplay. On the other hand, I love Descent. Which is this more like?

5) And finally, a kinda harsh question: what incentive is there to back the 2nd printing KS rather than wait for retail, aside from getting it sooner? Is the plan this time to actually have retail copies available? It seems there are no stretch goals or KS exclusives, and I assume no price break either. I'm willing to wait for a lower retail price (and the KS certainly doesn't need my support!).

Thanks in advance.
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Product For Sale: Five Seals of Magic

Board Game Geek - Marketplace - Sun, 04/09/2017 - 08:20

by dwayman

$37.50 for Board Game: Five Seals of Magic
Condition: New
Location: United States
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Reply: Design Queries and Problems:: Re: Your opinion on a name change

Board Game Geek - Marketplace - Sun, 04/09/2017 - 08:19

by slatersteven

And my first response would be "what the stuff is Zetta?"

Names are best when they conjurer up associations.

I have to say wielding the universe makes no sense, how does a ship (or a crew) hold or use the universe?
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Reply: Supply Lines of the American Revolution: The Northern Theater, 1775-1777:: Rules:: Re: Nova Scotia Supplies & Reinforcements Question

Board Game Geek - Marketplace - Sun, 04/09/2017 - 08:19

by tomrussell

patton55 wrote:

So, when you get to the Supply phase where each city generates supplies. It says each city that has your army generates supplies. But, in the beginning of the game Nova Scotia doesn't have any British in it. So, after the Brits take the "1" Reinforcement chit, they get those 6 units on the beginning of the next Supply Phase, are those units considered to be in the city of Nova Scotia before you Generate Supplies? OR do the units arrive after you Generate Supplies?

The rules state "...At the start of the Supply Phase..." so I kind of assume the units are there before you Generate Supplies, so in that case, Nova Scotia would actually generate "4" supplies, correct? 3 for being a city you control, and 1 more because the Crown Reinforcement Track?

Well, in order for a City to generate Supplies, it needs to be (1) occupied AND (2) adjacent to a friendly or vacant Point. Nova Scotia isn't adjacent to any such Point, so it is not capable of generating the normal two-and-one Supply Cubes that every other City can. It can only generate the Supplies indicated on the Crown Reinforcements Track:

5.2 wrote:

The "City" of Nova Scotia generates Supplies during Campaign Turns, regardless if the "City" is occupied, with the number of Supplies being determined by the most recent marker removed from the Crown Reinforcements Track.

Since there's no mechanism by which Nova Scotia could generate the normal allotment of two food cubes and one war cube-- it will never satisfy those conditions short of someone defacing the map with a magic marker-- it can only generate Supplies per 5.2.
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Reply: Cthulhu Wars:: General:: Re: Cthulhu Wars Mini :)

Board Game Geek - Marketplace - Sun, 04/09/2017 - 08:18

by tempus42

I totally wish the game had been produced more like this in the first place.
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Reply: High Frontier (3rd edition):: General:: Re: Gameplay Feedback

Board Game Geek - Marketplace - Sun, 04/09/2017 - 08:17

by acrosome

ender7 wrote:

The moon fly-by is an extreme example, where there's a new icon the board that actually has less information than the regular icon, but which has some minor rule difference in a particular variant.

I must have totally missed this. What is the variant where the difference between moon boosts and other slingshots is relevant?
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Reply: Feel the Love:: Re: Roll the dice 5.0

Board Game Geek - Marketplace - Sun, 04/09/2017 - 08:17

by diddypi

diddypi previously rolled 9d10rr[4] = 223
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New comment on Item for Geeklist "Great games with 6 or more players"

Board Game Geek - Marketplace - Sun, 04/09/2017 - 08:16

by David Vander Ark

Related Item: Alhambra: Big Box

DSHStratRat2 wrote:

I've never liked this one with more than 4 players. With 2-4 players, you can plan ahead a little bit. You can save your money to buy one of the available buildings, because it might still be there on your next turn.

With more than 4 players, that ability is greatly reduced if not eliminated. With 5 opponents, it's almost assured that SOMEBODY will buy that building you wanted (and were saving up to get) before your next turn. You can't plan ahead at all because everything changes completely between your turns. That slows the game down.

With more than 4, the game slows to an awful crawl. Not only is planning ahead eliminated, but having 5-6 alhambras to track for Who Has The Most Gardens and Who Has The Most Chambers takes much longer. And with more than 4 people, you'll often see someone have the most buildings of a type too easily. It's frustrating to see someone score 21 points just for having three stinkin' towers.

Alhambra is awesome for 2-3 and good with 4. After that it goes downhill very quickly. That was my experience, anyway.

Agree 100%. I won't play Alhambra with more than 4 players.
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