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Community (Helping each other out)

Update - All counters identified - Thank you!


Many thanks to the whole SWA community. In just a few hours you helped us identify all the mystery counters.

Game 1 & Game 4 both belong to SPI's _The Fast Carriers_.
Game 2 is from Avalon Hill's _Russian Campaign_.
Game 3 is from Avalon Hill's _Caesar's Legions_.

Special thanks to Bryant, Haggett, Johnson, Landry & Kollmer for their quick replies.

Watch this space for an update very soon on the sale of the Wargo game collection.

Happy Holidays!

Help Us Identify the Counters for 3 or 4 Games


Hello SWA Community,

You have seen a few messages from us about the passing of Tom Wargo, and our efforts to help sell his game collection. Please know that we are very close to announcing an opportunity for all of you to bid on up to 39 different lots of items. But before we do that, we need to tie up a few loose ends. 

First off, we have a bunch of orphan wargame counters we'd like to re-unite with their parent games.  We are hoping you can help us with that - wisdom of the masses and all that.

Game #1
This game looks like it's set in the modern-era, with lots of counters for planes and ships. USA is blue, Japan is gold, and the Soviet Union is brown. The Japanese planes have WW2 names, and we also see counters for jets and helicopters.
Here are three photos.
USA Counters
Japanese Counters
Russian Counters

Game #2
This one is clearly WW2.  Russia has tan counters, and Germans are green, with SS counters in black.  Notice how both Stalin and Hitler are represented with their own counters with a "1-8" value. One photo:
Stalin vs Hitler

Game #3
This one is a bit tougher. We see counters with four color schemes.  Black on green, black on red, black on lighter-red, and white on red.  We see various examples of standard military unit symbology, and some other counters that might be leaders or something.  One photo:
Four color mystery

Game 4?
These counters might go with one of the three games shown above, or they might be for another game entirely.  They seem to not be military units, but record-keeping markers of some kind.  Grey and green.  Two photos:
Green markersGrey Counters

If you can help us identify any of these games, please email us at wargo-bids /at/ swa-gaming.org

(Please replace the /at/ with the typical @ sign.  We apologize for this anti-spam measure).

More news on your chance to acquire some of the Wargo treasure real soon.

Thank you.

SWA Member Crowdfunding


Mike Haggett has been a fixture at SWA events for many years.  He's in the top five for the highest number of events run at Council & Game-a-thons (over 70!), so many of you have probably played in a game with him.

Mike is using Indiegogo to crowdfund his upcoming move to Providence, Rhode Island.  He and his wife are offering some very nice rewards for various funding levels.  If you are looking to get some gaming material published, Mike would be an excellent editor to have working with you.

You can see all the details of the campaign here:

The campaign ends on September 1st.

Thank you.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan on the really Big Screen


Hello Capital District Gamers,

John Fitzpatrick of the SWA has a special invitation for you.

On Monday, November the 21st, the Palace Theatre in Albany will be screening Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan at 7:00pm.

My employer, Enable Labs, is giving away free tickets. Claim your free tickets here:


Before the movie, there will be a costume contest with prizes.

After the movie, Enable Labs is hosting a catered Meet and Greet in the Mezzanine with free hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar. Stick around and visit with some of Tech Valley's cutting edge tech firms. Costumed guests over 21 will receive a free drink ticket.

Electronics Recycling on Saturday, April 23rd


Hello SWA Community,

Once again, WNYT and their partners will be sponsoring a huge electronics recycling day.

When:  Saturday, April 23rd, from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM, at Taft Furniture in Colonie (1960 Central Avenue, 1 mile west of Route 155).

Unlike similar events in the past, there is no longer any requirement to get a permit from your local town hall.  Drive up and they'll take your stuff.

We know from past experience that this event is very well attended. Plan on waiting in line for awhile.

Here is the web site will all the info:


Fax Machines
Network equipment
Cellular Phones
Computer Parts & Components
Televisions (no consoles)        
Wire & Cable                                                         
Air Conditioners/Dehumidifiers*
Microwave Ovens

*Anyone can come to the event and dispose of acceptable items, regardless of municipality.  All items are accepted free of charge except for Air Conditioners and Dehumidifiers ($15.00 processing fee). 

Hair Dryers
Software – Manuals
Medical Waste
Hazardous Waste
Ink Jet Cartridges
Vacuum Cleaners

Help take care of Mother Earth!

Independent Cinema and the SWA


Many of you probably don't know that the SWA's Dan Masucci is an active independent filmmaker.  We're very happy to announce that Dan will be hosting several film festival screenings over the next couple of months. 

In Dan's own words...

For anyone interested in catching some truly inspiring independent cinema, here are the dates for the Knickerbocker Film Festival where my own film BENEATH THE SAME SKY will screen.

The festival takes place at the Spectrum 8 Theaters and the Madison Theater in Albany, NY (see information below) and has eight short films making up a great evening of independent films.

*Local Screenings*

Monday, March 28th - 7:00PM and 9:30PM, $10.00
Q&A included in shows.

Tuesday, March 29th through Thursday, March 31 - 7:00PM and 9:30PM, $10.00
Shorts from across the world.

Thursday, March 31 at Pearl Street Pub's Upper Room - 8:00PM, $10.00
Performances by "Frankie's Theory"

Below are dates and the locations for other screenings of BENEATH THE SAME SKY and THE TRAMPOLINE around the country (more to come!).

Hills Film Festival (Beneath The Same Sky)
April 7-10 - New Milford, CT

Fallbrook Film Festival (Beneath The Same Sky)
April 8-9 - Fallbrook, CA

Garden State Film Festival (Beneath The Same Sky & The Trampoline)
March 31- April 3 - Ashbury, NJ

Fort Myers Film Festival (Beneath The Same Sky & The Trampoline)
March 24-27 - Fort Myers, FL


Thank you so much for your time and I hope to catch you at some future screenings!

All the best,

Games for Educators


This is a community service announcement.

I've been receiving the "Games for Educators" email newsletter for awhile now.  It occurs to me that there might be other folks out in the SWA community that might like to see it too.

Each month there are several articles related to... you guessed it: using games for educational purposes.

There is a web page, of course. 
You can click here for the Games for Educators Main Page
You can click here for a collection of the recent Games for Educators Email Newsletters

Feel free to spread the word around to anyone who might find this material interesting.

Electronics Recycling at Best Buy


This is a non-gaming, community service announcement.

I just learned that Best Buy has an excellent, customer-friendly and environment-friendly electronics recycling program.  We'd like to spread the good news so everyone can take advantage of it and help keep potentially recyclable stuff out of landfills.

You can get the full information on the Best Buy web site here (please click link):
Electronics Recycling at Best Buy

Here are some highlights:
  • Max 3 items per day per household
  • Many items taken for free
  • $10 charge for TVs and monitors (up to 32"), but you also get a $10 Best Buy gift card (sneaky marketing on their part...)
  • No hard drives.  Computers OK, but remove the hard drive first
  • No refrigerants
  • TVs/Monitors larger than 32", and large appliances, are covered by a different program (links to info on the web page).

Again, full info is on the Best Buy electronics recycling page.

We encourage the the whole gaming community to take advantage of this program, and other similar recycling programs.  Help get valuable materials back into the resource stream, and out of landfills.

Game trading on the SWA Web Site


There was a lot of interest in the Swap Meet at last weekend's Game-a-thon.  Six different people brought stuff to sell or trade, which might be a record for us.

A few of us got talking about how it's often more of a "win-win" to trade games than to sell them for cash.  So we want to try to facilitate more of that on the SWA web site.

We've set up a new section on the Forums just for game trading.  You can see it here:

Two guys have already posted lists of what they've got to trade, and what they're looking for in return.

We encourage you to post your own list and use the SWA forums as a community resource.
(You'll need to create an account on the web site if you haven't done so already.  This takes less than three minutes.)

We hope to see you at future SWA events.  Don't forget, Council of Five Nations XXXIII is coming pretty soon (October 8-10, 2010).

Charity Book Auction


During the winter, the family of Larry Conley donated his collection of 197 hardback SF/Fantasy books to the SWA. We're not really interested in running a lending library for club members, so we've decided to auction off the books.

The proceeds of this auction will go to benefit the folks for whom war is not a game, but a reality - U.S. SOLDIERS! Everything we get from this auction will be passed along as a donation to the USO, to help them in their mission of supporting and helping our troops and their families.

Please click here to go to the web page we've set up to facilitate this silent auction.  You will find rules, prices, the list of 197 books, and a web form to make the whole process as smooth as possible.

The deadline for bidding is July 4th.

Thank you for your interest and support.

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