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Convention Announcements

Spring Meltdown, April 21st


On April 21st, the Green Mountain Gamers' traveling game days return to Lyndonville for Spring Meltdown 2012. It's a whole day of tabletop gaming in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

In addition to the usual riot of pick-up games, Dark Tower Gaming from St. Johnsbury will host sealed deck and standard constructed deck Magic tournaments. Dark Tower will be vending Magic cards, and Triple Play is coming up from West Lebanon to hawk other tabletop games.

For more information about Spring Meltdown and future Green Mountain Game Days, visit


Green Mountain Gamers, bringing Vermont gamers to the table:

Check out Held Action, the blog about Vermont and tabletop gaming:

Winter Weirdness Game Day, January 14th in Barre, VT


Green Mountain Gamers' winter game day seems like it's just around the corner, so we're gearing up and getting a lot of fun games together, as the recent update will attest:

Winter Weirdness is a full day of open gaming, free for everyone to attend, though we certainly appreciate donations to help cover the costs of hosting the festivities. For the complete skinny on Winter Weirdness, visit:

Carnage No-Ship Math Trade


For those of you joining us for Carnage in Wonderland this year ( www.carnagecon.com/ ),
the Carnage no-ship math trade geeklist is now active:


Post games and spread the word!

Call for GMs: POINTCON XXXIV (Apr 9, 2011)


Supporters of POINTCON:

POINTCON will be April 9th this year. We hope you can attend once more. We are also looking for GMs to run events.  Our website, pointcon.org,  now has this year's date listed. It looks like John and I will be Cold Wars this year. At least that is the plan.

I hope all is well. As usual tell all your friends about POINTCON. They can e-mail me at srwaddell /at/ hvc.rr.com if they have any questions.

Thanks for the support.

Prof. Steve Waddell

TotalCon 25: Events on-line, pre-reg has begun!


This year, TotalCon is celebrating 25 years of gaming in our community.  For those who have never been, this is the year to visit. For those who have not been in a while, this is the year to come back!! Events have been listed on-line and pre-registration(mail-in, on-line pending) has begun.

There are events and Guests that are coming that have never been in our area before!

TOTALCON 25 FEB 24-27, 2011 at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, MA (free parking, T into Mansfield Station w/free shuttle service for registered hotel guests) right off rt 95 (exit 7a) www.totalcon.com

Frank Mentzer and Tim Kask (some of the orginial remaining TSR, Inc partners with Gary Gygax) coming in to sponsor a special OLD SCHOOL RPG area! Over 25 old school games offered plus a special meet-n-greet with them on Friday afternoon!

INDUSTRY GUESTS: Mark Edwards, Andre Kruppa, Jay Libby, Brad Younie, Jeff Talanian, James "Dregg" Carpio, Ben Gerber, Don Higgins, Rone Barton, Lou Argesta, Peter "Blix" Bryant, Ethan Gilsdorf, Frank Mentzer,Tim Kask, Tom Vasel, Eric Summerer, and Jim Reed

IRON GM SEMI-REGIONAL COMPETITION: GMs and Players get three indregidents to create scenario's and characters in one hour then settle in for 4 hours of role-playing madness. All participants get chances to win prizes. Players get to judge the GMs and the Winning GM wins a trip to GenCon 2011 to represent New England for the national title!! Space is limited, register early!!

THE DICE TOWER: Nationally known boardgaming podcast with hosts Tom Vasel, Eric Summerer, and Jim Reed will be on hand running events, tournaments, and doing a podcast from TotalCon 25!

GAME PANELS: Learn about game designing, creating scenario's and more from the best in the industry hosted by Peter Blix Bryant and friends plus SPECIAL Bonus: Come see his LIVE TRIC-TRAC podcast.


MOVIE PREMIER!! Ninja Zombies from local movie producers :)

NORTH AMERICAN CATAN CHAMPIONSHIP: Win a trip to GenCon 2011 for a 1 of only 32 seats for the North American Catan Championship. Winner of NACC
gets a free trip to the Worlds in 2012.

Full RPGA and Pathfinder areas, both with Battle Interactives!

Over 400 events, 17 Industry Guests running events, dealer hall, exhibitors, and more await you. Check it all out www.totalcon.com
Come join the fun!

Ground Zero Games East Coast Convention XIV


What:   Ground Zero Games East Coast Convention XIV
When:   February 25 - 27, 2011
Where:  Owego Treadway, Owego, NY

Convention URL:  http://www.warpfish.com/gzgecc/gzgecc14/
Schedule URL:    http://tinyurl.com/ECC-schedule

ECC XIV Preregistration will begin on December 1st.

We have a number of Ground Zero Games miniatures that we will be used for door prizes at the convention. This year we'll have 15mm, 25mm, 6mm and starship figures for
your selection.

The order in which I obtain your preregistration information on December 1st will determine the order you choose your figure from the selection.  If I receive your preregistration prior to December 1st, I will flip the time from 12:01 AM Dec. 1st.  Thus a November 30th, 9:00 PM e-mail will be treated as a 3:00 AM Dec. 1st e-mail.

For preregistration, please send to davisje (at) nycap.rr.com, the following information:
   Email Address:
   Events you wish to play:
   Ship image for your convention badge: NAC,ESU,FSE,NSL, KV,IF,SV,PH,NI,IJN

Time slots are available for additional scenarios and gaming events.

Convention T-shirts and sweatshirts will be available.

Payment of the $30 preregistration fee may be made by check or Paypal.  As in previous years, volunteers and gamemasters will receive a $5 rebate at the conclusion of the convention.  Due to the banking fees associated with international checks, Canadian attendees are encouraged to use Paypal or pay the preregistration fee at the door in US currency.  E-mail Jon Davis davisje (at) nycap.rr.com if you have any questions.

PayPal:            davisje (at) nycap.rr.com

Check payable to:  GZG East Coast Convention
                   1415 Rocco Drive
                   Schenectady, NY 12303

Thanks and we'll look forward to seeing you in February!

Jon Davis

Carnage the 13th: November 5-7, 2010


Two items related to Carnage, coming this November 5-7, 2010.
1.  Pre-registation info now available for download.
2.  No-Ship Game Math Trade.

The convention book for Carnage the 13th is now available for download:

November 5th through the 7th promises to be a busy weekend for those gamers descending on Fairlee this year. Check out the book and see if there's something for you!

Matt Golec talks about the Math Trade...

Carnage (http://www.carnagecon.com/) is coming up in about a month, and while I know many of you are planning to attend, I wanted to make sure you were aware of the math trade I'll be running.

Math trades are great ways to trade games within groups of people
(learn more here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/wiki/page/Math_Trades&redirectedfrom=Math_Trade#).

You post games you want to trade, indicate which games you'd be willing to trade for those items you posted, and wait for the results. There's no shipping costs -- we all bring the games we successfully traded to Carnage on Saturday night and pick up the games we successfully traded for. Easy as cake.

Posting games for trade is also a no-risk deal -- if you don't see anything you want to trade for, you don't have to trade.

You can find the Carnage math trade here:

I'd sure appreciate your help in spreading the word about the Carnage math trade. Tell your friends who are attending -- the more games we post, the better the results will be for everyone.


Events Wanted: TotalCon 25!


The BEST or Nothing... That is what a 25 year gaming celebration demands and we can not do it without YOU! Are you up for the challenge?

TotalCon is opening it's event submissions for the 25th annual Total Confusion Game Convention to be held February 24-27, 2011 at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, MA. We hope that you will consider running an event (or two...) to help make this a fun and memorable event for the everyone. You make a good con GREAT with your time and talents that give players what the want most... Exceptional Gaming. It can not happen without your support!

Click here for forms, information, and contact information:

For your participation, TotalCon offers:
1 day registration* for 4 hours of game time
2 day registration* for 8 hours of game time
Full 4 day registration* for 12 hours of game time
4 day registration* and free official TotalCon t-shirt for 16 hours of game time and 4 hours slots above 16 hours gets the accumulated benefits plus one ticket to the prize room per slot.

*GMs receive reimbursement once your volunteer/game hours have been completed. Please submit your events early for the best choice with time slots and days and to be listed in the on-line pre-registration list and on-site book. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can't wait. Last year was a record breaker at this venue, we are hoping to make TotalCon 25 even better. Come join the fun!

* The Holiday Inn features free shuttle service for registered hotel guests to and from the Mansfield Train Station, free on-site parking, and many nearby conveniences.

Call for GMs - Carnage the 13th


Carnage is one of the best cons in the Northeast, November 5-7 this year.  They are well into their GM recruiting, but are still looking for events. 
They are especially looking for MINIATURES events.

Please click the following for more information:
GM Event Registration Page
General Info about Carnage
Carnage discussion Forums

Mike Griffin is also happy to answer any and all questions about GMing.  You can contact him directly at:
griffisgame /at/ gmail.com

GM event submissions are due on Sunday, August 1st, if you'd like to be sure to make it into the pre-reg booklet.

OGC 2010: July 23-25, 2010


Events have been posted and registration is open for OGC 2010.

This year's convention takes place July 23-25 at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Nashua, NH.

This year's theme is "What if . . .?", where anything is possible and anything goes. Imagine the gaming possibilities! We get the best GM's we can find to offer you three days of awesome gaming!

Check out the events page on our website at www.OGC-con.com. New events are being added all the time, so check in often.

See you at the con!

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