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The "Rules of the Road" for posting to the SWA forums and requesting new Forums and Categories.
4614 years 47 weeks ago
by DC
Discussion and coordination for Council of Five Nations, the SWA's annual 3-day gaming convention.
10172 years 14 weeks ago
by DC
Are you thinking about running a game at an upcoming SWA Game-a-thon? You can post your ideas here. This will help us plan the schedule, and will let other GMs see what's already "in the works".
522435 years 27 weeks ago
by Ram
Start a topic here if you're interested in starting a new game. Once you get rolling, we'll create a new category for you under "SWA Games & Campaigns" so you can continue your discussion.
42853 years 48 weeks ago
by Bill
All miscellaneous topics can be discussed here. If your discussion gets going, we'll create a separate category for you.
742102 years 34 weeks ago
by wmseith
Recommendations for gaming-related vendors and service providers. Please help your SWA comrades find good vendors and avoid bad ones.
234 years 11 weeks ago
by DC
Post here your lists of what you've got to trade, and what you're looking for. The more people that post, the juicier the action will get.
248 years 20 weeks ago
by DC
A place for people to list some of the gaming items they are looking to sell.
23443 years 48 weeks ago
by allismom3
A place for people to list items they are looking for to buy.
9105 years 11 weeks ago
by TomC
Going to a convention? Coming to an SWA event? Looking for a ride? Are you able to offer a ride? Post your announcements here. (List each convention as a separate topic.)
678 years 11 weeks ago
by DC
Going to a convention? Coming to an SWA event? Looking to share a hotel room? Post your announcements here. (List each convention as a separate topic.)
498 years 11 weeks ago
by DC
Discussion for fans of card driven wargames, such as Napoleonic Wars, Wellington, Kutuzov, Here I Stand, Clash of Monarchs, Sword of Rome and others.
565847 weeks 6 days ago
by Stargazer
The SWA supports a dedicated cadre of Titan players. And, we sponsor the Northeast TITAN Championship tournament every year.
12515 weeks 3 days ago
by Nick_Klercker
Conflict of Heroes is a squad-level game of WW2 combat, published by Academy Games. The SWA has a very active group that meets twice a month to play.  We like to say this game has "80% of the feel of Squad Leader, with only 10% of the rules".
174 years 33 weeks ago
by DC
Battleground plays like a miniatures game (with well thought-out rules), but your whole army is a deck of cards that can fit in your pocket. This SWA favorite is produced by Your Move Games.
365 years 12 weeks ago
by DC
Discussion about Diplomacy gaming among our members. Diplomacy is an Avalon Hill classic game, one of the best ever created.
117 years 45 weeks ago
by DC
This forum is for discussion of the games that ~used~ to dominate the landscape: old-school hex games. Games with big rule books, hundreds of cardboard chits, and big maps with hexes on them.
237 years 17 weeks ago
by Ardwulf
Discussion about the classic Avalon Hill / Multi-Man Publishing game about World War II squad-level combat, hosted by Brian Wiersma.
116 years 6 weeks ago
by DC
Take a tour of the gaming activity that's gone on in the past.
10430211 years 22 weeks ago
by DC
Discussions about the planning of our monthly Game-a-thon gaming days.
115412 years 3 weeks ago
by Bill
Discussion of games played at Tim's house, & his web www.timsgamedesign.netfirms.com, currently devoted to naval miniatures.
2822315 years 18 weeks ago
by murph