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Miniatures Painting Services - Domestic & Foreign


On January 13, 2014, we put out a request for information on miniatures painting services via our email newsletter, SWANews. 
Here is the original message:

We had a member ask about miniature painting services, and if the membership had any good ones to recommend.

We are especially wondering if any SWA folks have used Fernando Enterprises, the Sri Lankan company that advertised at Council of Five Nations a couple of years ago.

If you have any references, suggestions or wisdom to share, please reply to this message.  We will take all your comments and post them to the SWA web site so the whole community can benefit (we will announce the posting in a later SWANews message).  Please be sure to let us know if you prefer to be anonymous, or if it's OK to use cite your name.

We had an excellent response!  Twelve messages total. 

Quick summary:
  • Eight positive references for Fernando Enterprises (foreign)
  • Positive reference for PrimEvil Studios (domestic)
  • Positive reference for Blue Table Painting (domestic)
  • Positive reference for The Muse's Touch (domestic)
  • Positive reference for Siam Painting Service (foreign)
  • One offer of painting services from an SWA member.

Below is the full text of the various responses

One of our members has used Fernando many times and it is EXCELLENT.
Ed Kollmer

I've used Fernando Enterprises a few times very good turn around time figures came packaged nicely for the mail.  My advice is to make contact with them and make sure you tell how you want your figures painted.  I sent very detailed instructions with color painting guides and I separated my figures with instructions for each bag. I had over 90 Hill tribesmen painted for the Northwest Frontier and I did not want them all painted the same hence the separate bags.

I have not used Fernando Enterprises but have used Ed Jendek at Primevil studios and been very happy with his work/price.

Lots of pictures you can look over his work.
Mark 'Mars' Petrick

I and friends have used Fernando a LOT - as in literally thousands of figures.  We even hosted his visit to Historicon one year.  Nothing but praise for the service.

Saw this email and thought I'd plug this great company.

Carol at The Muse's Touch has painted for me and her work is top notch.

The Muse's Touch Miniature Painting
Single Minis & Armies Painted
Conversion Work Done
Carol M. Pandolph
17B Garfield St, Amesbury MA, 01913
(978) 388-2265
bard5671 /at/ yahoo.com

Click for examples of Carol's work

Mike Paine

Ask Eric about my AWI minis. Almost all of them were painted by Fernando. Very good work for very good prices!
Tom Talasco

Fernando Enterprises - I know the guys from Two Tin Soldiers used him and recommended him years ago.

No personal experience with Fernando Enterprises (although I continue to consider it) but I'm a regular reader of The Miniatures Page and have encountered many satisfied customers in TMP discussion posts that I know are not sock puppets. I also have one very picky friend who was pleased with their services.  Word is it takes a while, several months for a good sized batch of figures, but that the prices are reasonable and the painting as good as their advertizing. They are also supposedly responsive to email questions.
Kyle Madden

I have used Fernando Enterprises (for 15mm figures) and found the finished product to be very good.  I have an entire Flames of War Romanian army where all of the infantry and artillery crews were do by Fernando.  I am happy to put them on the table. 

I have also used Siam Painting Service (SPS) for 25/28mm figures and like them a lot.  In fact, I like them so much that I now stock their figures in my shop and serve as a US rep for most time periods.
Jacob Kovel

... If the member in question is interested in someone local to work with, I would be happy to do a little painting for them.  While I won't claim to be a master professional painter, I have painted freelance for friends and gaming stores in the past for a modest commission to cover the cost of supplies (cash or barter).  I have a some figures of my own that I can offer up as examples of my work, if they are interested.  Just thought I would put the option out there in case they wanted to avoid the shipping.
Chris Thode

We encourage you to add your own comments and references to other services in the discussion thread below.

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Good feedback shared on Minis painting service


I emailed Mr Sanath Fernando to let him know the good news about his good reputation here with the SWA community.