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February Game-a-thon

The Schenectady Wargamers Association - February 2019 Game-a-thon

February 9, 2019 Game-a-thon

Game-a-thon is being held at Proctors in the Hearst Education Center (the basement). The primary entrance to this space is a staircase next to Proctors Box Office.

Morning Session ( 11am - 4pm )

Battle of Austerlitz
Napoleons Battles
John Rigley- GM
5 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

It's 1805 the French Grand Army is on the march into Austria. First stop was to trash the Austrian Army at Ulm. Now they are stopping at a little town called Austerlitz to have a big party with the Russian Czar and his Army. Historical note the Russians got they BUTTS kicked.

This game could and may run into the night slot.

Chain of Command game
Chain of Command by two fat lardies
Ron DuBray- GM
6 Players
Maturity Rating: Teen

Testing of some game house rules and open one off games.
what2bring: Their army and any support weapons they might want to use.

Follow this link to How to play 6 videos.

Endeavor: Age of Sail
Troy Ferris- GM
5 Players
Maturity Rating: Mature

In Endeavor: Age of Sail, players strive to earn glory for their empires. Sailing out from Europe and the Mediterranean, players will establish shipping routes and occupy cities the world over. As they do so, players will leverage their growing industry, culture, finance, and Influence, building their engine and extending their reach into the far-flung regions of the world.

Follow this link to BGG Page.

Scythe with Wind Gambit expansion
Dana Longley- GM
7 Players
Maturity Rating: Teen

Scythe is an engine-building game set in an alternate-history 1920s. It is a time of farming and war, broken hearts and rusted gears. Each player represents a character from one of 7 factions of Eastern Europe who are attempting to earn their fortune and claim their faction's stake in the land around the mysterious Factory.

Players conquer territory, enlist new recruits, reap resources, gain villagers, build structures, and activate monstrous mechs.

Follow this link to How to play Scythe.
Follow this link to Scythe on BoardGameGeek.

Stealing from Thieves - a D&D One-Shot
Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
Jake Morris- GM
7 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

You and your compatriots have grown tired of the simple life and fancy living like kings and queens, all you need is one big score and you know just the mark...

Mad Jack, King of the Pirates, has a horde that'd make a dragon jealous, if you can only get your grubby little hands on it. Whether you're desperate, greedy, or just plain stupid, it will be the job of the century if you make it out alive.

An action packed one-shot adventure for Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons played with classless characters inspired by Zee Bradshaw's The Animated Spellbook.
what2bring: Dice and Writing implements are suggested, but not required. Characters will be generated at the table using house rules.

Evening Session ( 5pm - 10pm+ )

Viking Raid in Normandy
Unspecified minis rules
Stephen Keyer- GM
6 Players
Maturity Rating: Mature

It is late in the Viking Age and the Vikings still love to raid and plunder. A Viking raiding force off the coast of Normandy has successfully grabbed plenty of Norman gold/silver and other valuable prizes. As this Viking war-party is trying to make it way back to their ships they are met by a local Norman Warlord who has a score to settle with these Pagans. Can the Viking Force break through this Norman force sent to stop and destroy them? Or will they succumb to the ascending Normans. We shall find out.
what2bring: Their good gamesmanship and honor!

If you can hear this, you are the resistance!
Terminator Genisys Miniatures game
Nate Whitchurch- GM
3 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

The local resistance cell has located a satellite uplink nearby. The opportunity to collect intelligence is to great to pass up. You've gathered a team to assault to uplink, expect a large machine force to be guarding it. Download the intelligence and destroy The uplink.

Terminator Genisys is a 28mm wargame based in the Terminator universe.

Follow this link to River Horse games site.
Follow this link to Beast of War playthrough video.

Power Grid
David Bibicoff- GM
6 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

The objective of Power Grid is to supply the most cities with power when someone's network gains a predetermined size. In this new edition, players mark pre-existing routes between cities for connection, and then bid against each other to purchase the power plants that they use to power their cities.

Follow this link to BGG.

Robert Fisk- GM
6 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

The dinosaurs never went extinct...they simply left earth. During their time on earth (roughly 200 million years) dinosaurs were able to develop technology and discovered earth was on a collision course for a dinosaur killing meteor and an ice age. So dinosaurs simply packed up their things and left.

How you may ask did dinosaurs develop this technology to not only see the future but also pack up their entire civilizations in spacecrafts and leave? Put this in perspective: Most scientists believe humans have been around no more than a few million years. Think of how far humans have come in that time. From neanderthals to cell phones. Now picture how human technology and civilization would be if you fast forwarded a couple hundred million years...that's exactly what the dinosaurs did during their time on earth.

Necessary Evil
Savage Worlds
George Burch- GM
6 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

After rescuing the late presidents family, the adventure continues to save the world from the alien invaders.
what2bring: Dice, pencil, paper

Follow this link to Savage Worlds.


Follow this link to the local Pathfinder's Lodge to see the event schedule and descriptions and sign up to play.

Maturity Rating

To allow attendees and parents to make an informed decision on participation in an event, all events have been assigned one of the following Maturity Ratings:

  • Child rating is for children age 6 - 9 with adult supervision
  • E10+ rating is for players 10 and up in age
  • Teen rating is for players 14 and up in age
  • Mature rating is for players 18 and up in age.


Game-a-thons are held at the Proctors Arts Complex, at 432 State Street, in downtown Schenectady. We'll usually be meeting in the Hearst Education Center, also called the Underground, which is the finished basement area of the old Carl Company. The primary entrance to this space is a staircase next to Proctors Box Office.

Session Fees

Show up and play one game session = $4.00
Show up and play both game sessions = $6.00
First time attendance at a Game-a-Thon is free.
GMs get in for free (even if you only GM in one session).
Full-time students get in for free.
For our purposes, "full-time students" are people in Kindergarten through college. Our intent here is to help allow younger games/"new blood" to participate at SWA events, and the gaming hobby in general. The student discount does not cover working adults who happen to be taking a Continuing Education class. Please help us fulfill the spirit and intent of this policy.


Our Game-a-thons are intended to be pretty casual events; people stroll in and sign up for the event of their choice on-the-spot. Occasionally, however, events fill to their maximum and beyond.

If you would like to increase your chance of getting into the game of your choice, you can pre-register online. Online pre-registration is not required; you can still just stroll in and get into a game.

Follow this link to go to the online registration page. We'll add your name to the sign-up sheet; no advance payment is necessary.

We will hold your spot until the start of the session. If you are late and there are players ready to play, the game may start without you.

Questions or Comments?

Email your questions or comments to game-a-thon /at/ swa-gaming.org and we'll get them answered for you.

Events at Future Game-a-thons

If you'd like to run a game at a future Game-a-thon, please click here to submit your event online.

If you'd like to see a particular game run at a future event, let us know by sending us an email.

Hope to see many of you soon.