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July Game-a-thon

The Schenectady Wargamers Association - July 2017 Game-a-thon

July 8, 2017 Game-a-thon

Game-a-thon is being held at Proctors in the Hearst Education Center (the basement). The primary entrance to this space is a staircase next to Proctors Box Office.

Morning Session ( 11am - 4pm )

The Red Baron flies again.
Wings of Glory
Matt Gerbino - GM
8 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

Come fly the "Not so friendly skies" of Western Europe during World War 1. Strap yourself into the cockpit of an old fabric covered biplane and duel with other knights of the sky for fame and glory. I plan a constant free flowing air battle just come on in, choose a plane and get into the action. Easy to learn rules will have you flying in no time. Get shot down pick another plane and start all over again.

Scenario 1.0: A Level Playing Field
1830 Railroads and Robber Barons
J. Mirant - GM
6 Players
Maturity Rating: Teen

It is the dawn of the "Age of Railroading" in America. You're a wealthy investor and speculator betting that the new technology will revolutionize transport. Commerce will no longer depend on rutted roads and slow canals. Instead, it will ride the rails on swift, powerful "Iron Horses." 1830 is an acclaimed railroad investment and building game covering the years 1830 to present. You and your fellow players become the stockholders of America's first railroad corporations. Since the largest shareholder becomes president, you compete for control of the strongest firms. As president, generate revenue by building track and buying and operating trains-regardless of shareholders' needs. Meanwhile, you pay heed to the volatile stock market. You strive to invest in flourishing companies in order to earn healthy dividends. You try to buy stock in corporations that are rising in value, collect strong, and sell before the stock values drop.

This month we'll try the first 1830+ scenario and we'll add the Reading railroad.

Follow this link to BoardGameGeek.
Follow this link to Rules.

Clash of Cultures + Expansion
Troy Ferris - GM
4 Players
Maturity Rating: Mature

Clash of Cultures, a civilization game in which each player leads a civilization from a single settlement to a mighty empire. Players must explore their surroundings, build large cities, research advances and conquer those who stand in the way. The game features a modular board for players to explore, 48 distinct advances, seven mighty wonders, and loads of miniatures and cards. The winner will create a culture that will be remembered and admired for millennia.

Follow this link to Board Game Geek Page.

Michael Thomas - GM
5 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

In Colosseum each player is a Roman impresario - producing great spectacles in his or her arena in the hopes of attracting the most spectators. Players earn wealth and glory for each event run, using it to create ever more ambitious events. They will need to improve their arena, find the best performers, lure the Emperor and his nobles, and manage assets for long-term success to be granted the title of Grand Impresario, with tales of your extraordinary spectacles acclaimed throughout the empire.

Follow this link to Board Game Geek page for Colosseum.
Follow this link to Game Boy Geek Review.

Runebound 3rd ed
Michael Rector - GM
4 Players
Maturity Rating: Teen

Welcome to Terrinoth, adventurer! Runebound is a fantasy adventure board game for two to four players, inviting you to play as one of six heroes wandering the realm and taking whatever quests you may encounter. But all is not well in the realm: evil is awakening once more in the form of Margath the Dragonlord or the Corpse King, Vorakesh. Only you and your rival heroes stand a chance of stopping this threat before all Terrinoth is consumed in darkness.

Follow this link to Board game geek.

The Napoleonic Wars
Eric Alexopoulos- GM
5 Players
Maturity Rating: Teen

The wars of the French Revolution came to an end, or at least a pause, with the peace of Amiens in 1803. One year later Napoleon crowned himself emperor of the French, an act that hurled a challenge to the established order that the crowned heads of Europe could not ignore. In 1805 Europe declared war not on France or its revolutionary ideals, but on man: Napoleon.

Napoleonic Wars covers the conflict that raged across Europe in the early 19th century. Will the Coalition triumph over Napoleon again?

Secret of Sokol Keep
D&D 5E
Sean Segrue - GM
7 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

More fun in Phlan. Investigate why the beacon at Sokol Keep has gone dark. Level 1 - 2 characters. DDEX1-2

Evening Session ( 5pm - 10pm+ )

Dave Cheng - GM
14 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

The classic game of negotiation and intrigue. You cannot consider yourself a well-rounded gamer if you have not played this at least once. Players of all skill levels welcome, including total beginners. We will have two boards available, so there is plenty of room for all.

Follow this link to Board Game Geek Link.
Follow this link to The Diplomatic Pouch - Lots of Diplomacy News & Info.

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition)
Rob Rodger - GM
6 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

Return to Westeros in time for the newest season of Game of Thrones!

King Robert Baratheon is dead, and the lands of Westeros brace for battle. In the second edition of A Game of Thrones: The Board Game, three to six players take on the roles of the great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, as they vie for control of the Iron Throne through the use of diplomacy and warfare. A Game of Thrones is an epic board game in which it will take more than military might to win. Will you take power through force, use honeyed words to coerce your way onto the throne, or rally the townsfolk to your side? Through strategic planning, masterful diplomacy, and clever card play, spread your influence over Westeros!

Follow this link to Board Game Geek page.
Follow this link to Rules pdf.

Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn
Mike Rizzuti - GM
4 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

A fantasy deckbuilding game that adds dicebuilding for unique resource management. You can choose the first hand of cards to play, removing some of the uncertainty about whether you'll get your engine to start. Highly detailed artwork expresses the theme of combining different schools of magic to defeat your foes.

Follow this link to Ashes, by Plaid Hat.
Follow this link to Ashes on BGG.
Follow this link to Ashes on SUSD.

Space Cadets away missions (learn the game)
Ron DuBray - GM
6 Players
Maturity Rating: Teen

Space Cadets: Away Missions is a cooperative, scenario-based, tactical action game for 1-6 players, which is set in the Golden Age of science fiction. In this game, the third standalone title in the Space Cadets franchise of cooperative/team space-themed games from Stronghold Games, players take on the roles of adventurous human spacemen who explore UFOs, acquire Alien technology and fight hostile extraterrestrials. - This is a Miniatures board game mix.
what2bring: Fun :)

Follow this link to Board game geek.

Thornwatch and Sanitarium
Devin Fortman, Karen Seiz - GM
5 Players
Maturity Rating: E10+

This is a multi-game slot: we'll be playing Thornwatch, Sanitarium, and maybe something else short.

Thornwatch: Print-and-play demo of the upcoming adventure board game. The Thornwatch are scarred veterans of a vast magical forest called the Eyrewood, who now live as spirits, summoned by the desperate when no one else can protect them. Great visual style, light RPG elements, and unique mechanics for teamwork and dynamic combat.

Sanitarium: A cold, dark, dreary room. Somehow, though you don't know why, or how you got there, you know you're in a sanitarium of dark endless hallways, gripped by fear & confusion amid swirling shadows that shift menacingly. All you want to do is escape... if you can...


Follow this link to the local Pathfinder's Lodge to see the event schedule and descriptions and sign up to play.
The lodge will be hosting a character workshop from 11 AM to noon to help familiarize new players with the game.
The Capital Region Pathfinder's Lodge also has a Facebook group.

Maturity Rating

To allow attendees and parents to make an informed decision on participation in an event, all events have been assigned one of the following Maturity Ratings:

  • Child rating is for children age 6 - 9 with adult supervision
  • E10+ rating is for players 10 and up in age
  • Teen rating is for players 14 and up in age
  • Mature rating is for players 18 and up in age.


Game-a-thons are held at the Proctors Arts Complex, at 432 State Street, in downtown Schenectady. We'll usually be meeting in the Hearst Education Center, also called the Underground, which is the finished basement area of the old Carl Company. The primary entrance to this space is a staircase next to Proctors Box Office.

Session Fees

Show up and play one game session = $4.00
Show up and play both game sessions = $6.00
First time attendance at a Game-a-Thon is free.
GMs get in for free (even if you only GM in one session).
Full-time students get in for free.
For our purposes, "full-time students" are people in Kindergarten through college. Our intent here is to help allow younger games/"new blood" to participate at SWA events, and the gaming hobby in general. The student discount does not cover working adults who happen to be taking a Continuing Education class. Please help us fulfill the spirit and intent of this policy.


Our Game-a-thons are intended to be pretty casual events; people stroll in and sign up for the event of their choice on-the-spot. Occasionally, however, events fill to their maximum and beyond.

If you would like to increase your chance of getting into the game of your choice, you can pre-register online. Online pre-registration is not required; you can still just stroll in and get into a game.

Follow this link to go to the online registration page. We'll add your name to the sign-up sheet; no advance payment is necessary.

We will hold your spot until the start of the session. If you are late and there are players ready to play, the game may start without you.

Questions or Comments?

Email your questions or comments to game-a-thon /at/ swa-gaming.org and we'll get them answered for you.

Events at Future Game-a-thons

If you'd like to run a game at a future Game-a-thon, please click here to submit your event online.

If you'd like to see a particular game run at a future event, let us know by sending us an email.

Hope to see many of you soon.