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Bolt Action Beginners Tournament - Sunday, June 22nd

Bolt Action Beginner’s Tournament

Bolt Action is a fast-play, easy-to-learn squad level WW2 game using 28mm figures. 
It is growing in popularity here in the Capital District, and around the USA.

New players are welcome!

June 22st, doors open at 11am first round at Noon
Entry: $20
Rounds: 2 ½ Hours
(Bring two printed lists)

Grimfoe Games
598 Columbia Turnpike
East Greenbush NY, 12061

List Rules
  • 1000pts any theater list or Reinforced platoon.
  • Man packed Flamers only.
  • Max of one platoon per 500 points
  • Bring two printed lists

Scoring Guide
  • Win = 7 Points
  • Loss = 1 Point
  • Tie = 4 Points
  • Moral Victory = 5 Points (Scenario tie but you have 2 more battle points then your opponent)
  • Moral Loss = 3 Points (Scenario tie but you have 2 less battle points then your opponent)

Battle Points (scored at the end of the game)
  • 1 battle point for each objective under your control
  • 1 battle point is scored for each enemy unit destroyed at the end of the game.
  • ½ battle point is scored for each enemy unit at 50% or less of its starting strength.
  • ½ battle point is scored for each immobilized enemy vehicle.

  • Players will select a prize from the prize pool based on their placement
  • 1st) Infantry Box + Command
  • 2nd) Infantry Box
  • 3rd) Tank Box
  • 4th) Tank Box
  • 5th) Command
  • 6th) Command

Prize Pool
  • German Army: Panzer III Ausf J BOX
  • German Army: German Infantry (25)
  • German Army: Command (4)
  • Soviet Army: Soviet Infantry BOX
  • Soviet Army: T34/85 Soviet Medium Tank
  • British Army: Churchill Mk VII BOX
  • British Army: Infantry BOX Set (25)
  • British Army: Command (4)
  • American Army: US Infantry
  • American Army: M3A1 Halftrack PLASTIC BOX
  • American Army: US Command

You can see the full Bolt Action product line here:

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For more info about the tournament, or regular Bolt Action games at local retailers, contact Skylor at:  SEdwards2881 /at/ gmail.com

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