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This year there will be two CDW events for C5N on September 23-25, 2016. The events are as follows:

The Napoleonic Wars
Saturday Night 7pm - 11pm (Slot E)
GM: Eric Alexopoulos
The Napoleonic Wars in Europe on a grand scale. France, Britain, Austria, Russia, and Prussia all struggle for dominance of Europe. Mighty armies and navies clash in this one!

Here I Stand
Sunday Morning & Afternoon 9am - 7pm (Slots G & H)
GM: Paul McCarthy
Reformation wars in Europe from 1517 to 1555. The Hapsburgs rule most of Europe, the Ottoman Empire has conquered the Balkans, and the Catholics dominate Europe. However, the upstart Protestants struggle to undermine Catholic power, and Britain and France struggle for control in Europe and the New World. This game is one of the best CDWs! Paul will be running the full campaign scenario.

Two awesome games! There is still a ticket left for each game. Hope to see you at C5N XXXIX!