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2016 CDW Recap


Hi! It was a great year for CDW events. I was determined to hold more events in 2016 and did so. There were 10 SWA events in all, including 8 game-a-thon and 2 C5N. Also had a great variety too! Game-a-thon events included 6 different games (Here I Stand, Napoleonic Wars, Sword of Rome, Kutuzov, Hannibal: RvC & Wilderness War). Just about all events were well attended, except for, surprisingly, Here I Stand. I think it might be prudent to run the three turn tournament game instead of the 9 turn campaign game both at the game-a-thon and C5N?? Our once large dedicated group seems to be taking a break from the game. On another note, we gave the people what they wanted. There were a few requests to run Sword of Rome more frequently. Ran SoR two more times than normal, both well attended!

Unfortunately, as in 2015, there were only 2 CDW events at C5N this year. I would ideally like to see 1 CDW event for each day of C5N.

There were some new faces this year and I hope to see them at future events. Thanks to all who participated in a CDW event, it was a lot of fun! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested in running a CDW at a game-a-thon or C5N. Feel free to contact me with any requests too!

Eric (Stargazer)