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Last Update:  Sunday, December 17, 2017

Please click here for Tom Wargo Estate Sale Materials

File name = WargoSaleFiles.zip  (~12 MB)

This is a set of 44 files in a ZIP-compressed directory. Almost all computers these days can un-zip a ZIP-compressed directory, just double-click on the file after you download it.

Directory Contents:

  • A spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel format that lists all the items for sale
  • A PDF file, WholeList.pdf, that shows the same info as the spreadsheet, just in PDF format
  • 39 more PDF files, each one listing the contents of each lot for sale
  • A PDF file with the details of the Noble Knight game condition rating scale
  • A sub-directory with some photos of the Advanced Squad Leader and Micro Armor items for sale
  • A README-Dec17.rtf file that repeats what you've just read here.

Please click here for the Council 40 Pre-Registration Booklet

File name = Council40PreReg.pdf  (744 KB)

Council of Five Nations 40 has already come and gone, back in September of 2017. But you can still download the pre-reg packet if you'd like to see the kind of events we run each year; a nice mix of board games, RPGs, miniatures, and other stuff.

Please click here for the Council Auction Packet

File name = Council-Auction-Packet.pdf  (418 KB)

This is instructions & forms that you'll need to sell items at the super-popular Council Discount Auction on Sunday.  It will be immensely easier if you download this now and prepare your materials ahead of time at home.

For more information about the convention...

Please click for the main Council general info page.

Please click to download the Council Pre-Registration packet in PDF format.

Please click to Pre-Register via the online form (with immediate PayPal or Credit Card payment).

Please click for Directions to Council of Five Nations.

Please click for the Council Hotels page.

Please click for the Council Parking page.

Please click for Downtown Schenectady resources for Dining, Shopping, and a Visitor's Map.

Web pages highlighting our game events and special event tracks

Is under construction at this time.  Please check back in several days for updates.

If you have any questions, please email us at Council /at/ swa-gaming.org

(Please replace the "/at/" with the typical "@" sign.  We apologize for this anti-spam measure.)

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