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Studio of Bridge and Games Info

The Studio of Bridge and Games

Front view of the Studio of Bridge and Games in Schenectady, NY

The Studio of Bridge and Games, also known as the Price Chopper Community Room, is the official gaming headquarters of the Schenectady Wargamers Association. We have been playing there for over thirty years. Norma Shelly, Gene Leary, and Glenn White all help keep the place running. Most days of the week, folks gather there to play Bridge (you know, the card game). The Studio crew is very active in sponsoring regional and national competitions. If you are interested in playing Bridge, we're sure Norma would love to hear from you. Call the Studio during the day, or email her at BridgeStudio@hotmail.com.

The SWA meets many Saturday evenings of the month. If you're just going to drop by, it's best to contact us first to see what might be going on. There are some Saturdays where there are no games planned, and we'd hate to have you make the trip out only to find the lights out and door locked.

Hours: The SWA gaming on Saturdays generally gets going around 7pm. Sometimes there will be an afternoon game starting around 1pm. Watch our home page for info about games happening at the Studio. We frequently play well past midnight, but we can easily be considerate if you can't stay that late.

Fees: There is a $3.50 session fee to game at the Studio. Gamemasters pay $2.50. The Studio crew keeps the fridge stocked with sodas, and keeps the price very reasonable (50 cents for a can, 75 for a bottle). We know you can play free at some local stores, but how many of them have a 25x50' space, and lots of 8' tables? We easily have room for 4-5 games simultaneously, if necessary. For our larger events, we use the 50x50 back room/conference center as well.

Directions: Click here for directions to the Studio. Or, send an email to directions@swa-gaming.org. It doesn't matter what you put in the subject line or body. Our server will immediately send you back an email with the same directions on this web page, so you can print them easily.


The Studio of Bridge and Games / Price Chopper Community Room

1639 Eastern Parkway

Schenectady, NY 12309

(518) 346-3773