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Board Game Links

1001 Nights of Gaming
Easily navigated website that offers extensive reviews of wargames. Newer reviews feature an interesting rating system that ranks games from high to low in different categories like strategy, theme, and tactics.

amarriner.com - PBEM Gaming
This is my personal site that I use to run many different games PBEM (Play By Email). Some are run using the Cyberboard software, others by just using scans of the boards and counters. Some games we play are:

Ohne Furcht und Adel (Citadels)
Roads & Boats
Source of the Nile

Stop by and sign up for a game, or drop me an email if you're interested in giving it a try!

Boardgame News
All the latest news from the world of boardgames, with a nice selection of columnists offering new material every day. Plus reviews, previews, links etc. All content is available free of charge, but if you subscribe you can also post comments. Big reports on conventions like the New York Toy Fair, GAMA, Gencon, etc.

Discussion community about all sorts of board games. Lots of game eratta & variants. Buy and sell your games. Lots of good stuff here.

Dedicated to historical boardgaming, ConsimWorld ( i.e. Conflict Simulation) offers news, forums, event calendar, game company support, a marketplace and tons of links.

Game Store Database
This site provides a database of stores that sell "German games" and other boardgames. It allows you to find stores near a particular location (searchable by address/zipcode). Users may also enter stores into the database. Great resource if you're travelling and want to find some game shops you can visit.

A site dedicated to info about wargames. Errata and rules variants, game reviews and lots of links to other relevant pages. If you?re a wargamer, there?s a lot here for you to like.

Luding Database
Luding is a game database that contains several thousand games, designers and publishers. There are also links to discussion of games at more than 60 sites around the WWW.

rec.games.board FAQ
Summarizes lots of info from the long-running newsgroup. Links for specific games, forums, game companies, and other game-related newsgroups and webpages.