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Gaming Interest Links

Drive Thru RPG
This site has hundreds of PDF files of out-of-print RPG products for you to purchase. If you're sorry you sold that old book or supplement at that garage sale years ago, here's a chance for you to make up for it.

God Checker
A web site with an encyclopedic listing of religions & pantheons from around the world. Very cool.

Nearby Gamers
Nearby Gamers is a free service for gamers that does exactly what its' name implies: lets you learn about and connect with gamers who share common interests and live near you. Hundreds of gamers are already listed, and you can add yourself to the growing database.

Pen & Paper
"A collection of resources for pen & paper RPGs." Lots of gaming news and downloadable resources. (Based on the same PHP-Nuke engine as our site, so the look and feel will be familiar.)

The Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA)
GAMA is the umbrella organization for most game manufacturers and retailers in the Adventure Gaming hobby. If you have any interest in publishing your own material or opening a game shop, you ought to check ths page out.

Wargamers Ring
Part of Web Ring, this collection indexes over 400 member webpages and includes brief descriptions of many of them. Sites include info on boardgames, computer games, miniatures and military history.

World Works Games
World Works games produces downloadable PDF files of templates to create 3-D gaming terrain, like buildings, castles, siege engines, and ships. They do historical/fantasy and science fiction items. Worth checking out.