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Multiplayer Online Games Directory
Best website out there if you're looking for an online game to play. Links, ratings and descriptions for hundreds of online games (free and pay) lets you know what's out there and what other players think of the games. Easily navigated website is searchable, and categorizes by genre, price, platform, ratings, etc.

This is a free online RPG with worldwide membership and always lots of players. You can develop your character in many skills, battle all kinds of creatures and explore an immense map.  Good tutorial and lots of support. There is also a paid (very inexpensive) version that allows access to even more areas and skills.

Urban Dead
A Massively Multi-Player Web-Based Zombie Apocalypse. Kyle Madden says: "If you are at all a near future/horror fan and you haven't tried this game you gotta give it a go. A free, simple game in design and play yet very infectious."