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Gaming Convention Calendars

Consimworld's Event Calendar
Consimworld is also linked under the boardgame category, but this link for their event calendar shows that they have consistently supported our Council of Five Nations by listing us.

Fanboy's Convention List
Gaming, science fiction, anime, fantasy and more! This large and well-maintained list is searchable by name, date or location.

Game Conventions.Net
Lively and very thorough website devoted completely to listing gaming conventions in a very clear and
easily navigated format. All types of gaming conventions (boardgames, miniatures, RPGs,etc.) are included.

Gaming Report's Convention Calendar
Gaming Report is already described under Gaming Interest, but this link is for their very well-done convention calendar which is searchable  and has brief descriptions of all the cons covered.

Newark Irregulars
One of the most complete game convention calendars in existence, with a global perspective. Their Links section is also very extensive.