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Historical Miniatures Links

Miniature Wargaming
Terrific blog-style site that offers tons of info about all kinds of miniatures gaming (fantasy, sci-fi, horror, etc.) but especially historical miniatures. Plenty of news and advice about rules, painting, manufacturers, etc. Hundreds of listings are organized by category, including by the scale and historical period of interest. There are also forums, a photo gallery with lots of pics from miniatures conventions, a wargaming search engine, and much more.

The Miniatures Page
This site is paradise for anyone interested in miniatures of any kind. Enormous amounts of material relating to gaming, painting, where to buy, latest news etc. and the message boards are great!

If you want add some color to your historical miniatures, what could be better than some beautifully done flags and banners from the period? This site features free, downloadable flags that are designed to be used with historical miniatures. There is a particularly wide selection of Napoleonic flags, but also Medieval all the way up to 20th Century.

Wargames Central
Devoted to historical miniatures, this site features loads of nice photographs of miniatures, a bibliography of over 500 historical reference books (with ratings) and best of all, many free downloadable rules sets spanning evrything from Ancients to Modern and Sci Fi.