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Privacy Policy

The Schenectady Wargamers Association. Inc. (SWA) is a not-for-profit organization that exists to promote the Adventure Gaming hobby. Our main focus is the Capital District of New York, but we realize that anything we can do to help the gaming community in general is a good thing. To that end, we will give significant support to gaming organizations around the Northeastern United States, and even chosen national organizations.

The SWA will not share the personal information you entrust us with haphazardly.

The SWA regularly uses it's email and postal mailing lists to promote SWA events.

Promotional material sent by the SWA almost always deals with the Adventure Gaming hobby, and thus should be of interest to the people who have signed up to be on our contact lists, or who visit our web site. However, we reserve the right to send out other promotional material that we feel may be of interest to the SWA community at large, even if that material is not gaming related.

Please know that SWA event fees do not cover the operating costs of the SWA. We regularly run at a deficit, and that money comes out of the pockets of donors and SWA officers.

We reserve the right to sell advertising space on our web site, to include paid promotional materials in with our postal mailings, and to send paid promotional emails to those on our email distribution lists. We promise to use proper judgment about what materials are appropriate. These materials will almost certainly have some link to the Adventure Gaming hobby.

We try to have a cooperative relationship with other Adventure Gaming organziations. It is common practice to share contact lists with other such groups, specifically groups organzing gaming conventions. We reserve the right to share your contact info with such groups, and we promise to use proper discretion when doing so.

All requests to be removed from our contact list will be processed as quickly as possible. Contact us one of the following ways:

Via email:
Via postal mail:
Schenectady Wargamers Association
c/o David Cheng
1700 Western Ave #502
Albany, NY 12203

If you have questions about our Privacy Policy not covered above, please contact us at Privacy@swa-gaming.org.

Please note this is a work in progress. This page is lower on the priority list to be developed. We will eventually get something here that is more legalistic sounding.