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Contact Information

Here's how to get ahold of some key SWA people.

David Cheng

dave@swa-gaming.org (518) 464-1977 [until about 11pm] 1700 Western Ave #502, Albany NY, 12203
David Cheng is the person to contact for a lot of your SWA business. Scheduling a game at the Studio, looking to get listed on our web page, looking for information on SWA activities and members; all these kinds of requests go to him.
Bill Dickerson
bill@swa-gaming.org (518) 393-5536 [home] (518) 452-1242, ext 275 [work]
Bill has been very active in helping to organize our bi-monthly Game-a-thons. Please contact either Bill or Dave Cheng if you'd like to run a game at the Studio, or even to get publicity for a game you're running somewhere else.
Eric & Jennifer Paperman
eric@swa-gaming.org jenni@swa-gaming.org (518) 347-2158 [home]
The legendary Papermans are raising two small children, but they are still involved with SWA stuff.
Norma Shelly, Glenn White, and Gene Leary
BridgeStudio@hotmail.com (518) 346-3773 The Studio of Bridge and Games 1639 Eastern Parkway, Schenectady NY, 12309
Norma is the friendly proprietor of the Studio of Bridge and Games. Glenn and Gene help out there very often. Any of these folks will be able to help you find out if there is gaming at the Studio on a given weekend. They would also love to hear from you if you're looking to play Bridge.