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Help Us Identify the Counters for 3 or 4 Games


Hello SWA Community,

You have seen a few messages from us about the passing of Tom Wargo, and our efforts to help sell his game collection. Please know that we are very close to announcing an opportunity for all of you to bid on up to 39 different lots of items. But before we do that, we need to tie up a few loose ends. 

First off, we have a bunch of orphan wargame counters we'd like to re-unite with their parent games.  We are hoping you can help us with that - wisdom of the masses and all that.

Game #1
This game looks like it's set in the modern-era, with lots of counters for planes and ships. USA is blue, Japan is gold, and the Soviet Union is brown. The Japanese planes have WW2 names, and we also see counters for jets and helicopters.
Here are three photos.
USA Counters
Japanese Counters
Russian Counters

Game #2
This one is clearly WW2.  Russia has tan counters, and Germans are green, with SS counters in black.  Notice how both Stalin and Hitler are represented with their own counters with a "1-8" value. One photo:
Stalin vs Hitler

Game #3
This one is a bit tougher. We see counters with four color schemes.  Black on green, black on red, black on lighter-red, and white on red.  We see various examples of standard military unit symbology, and some other counters that might be leaders or something.  One photo:
Four color mystery

Game 4?
These counters might go with one of the three games shown above, or they might be for another game entirely.  They seem to not be military units, but record-keeping markers of some kind.  Grey and green.  Two photos:
Green markersGrey Counters

If you can help us identify any of these games, please email us at wargo-bids /at/ swa-gaming.org

(Please replace the /at/ with the typical @ sign.  We apologize for this anti-spam measure).

More news on your chance to acquire some of the Wargo treasure real soon.

Thank you.