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Online Silent Auction for games from the Wargo Estate

Online Silent Auction

for gaming treasures, from the estate of

Tom Wargo

Last Update:  Monday, January 15, 2018

Bidding is Closed

The Auction is now complete

Thank you to the entire gaming community for helping us take in a little over $18,000 for all the lots.

Here are the winning bids.

1. Wargame Lot 1        (Winning Bid = $ 927)        
2. Wargame Lot 2        (Winning Bid  = $ 918)     
3. Wargame Lot 3        (Winning Bid  = $ 706)     
4. Wargame Lot 4        (Winning Bid  = $ 705)     
5. SPI Wargames         (Winning Bid = $ 2,527)    
6. Europa                    (Winning Bid = $ 280)     
7. ASL                        (Winning Bid = $ 905)     
8. World in Flames    (Winning Bid = $ 300)     
9. Misc Board            (Winning Bid = $ 150)     
10. SciFi Bundle         (Winning Bid = $ 530)     

11. Original D&D        (Winning Bid = $ 861)     
12. Basic D&D            (Winning Bid = $ 1,101)     
13. AD&D 1st Ed         (Winning Bid = $ 861)     
14. AD&D 2nd Ed        (Winning Bid = $ 350)     
15. D&D 3rd Ed           (Winning Bid = $ 222)     
16. Dragonlance           (Winning Bid = $ 200)     
17. Forgotten Realms    (Winning Bid = $ 225)     
18. Greyhawk                (Winning Bid = $ 125)     
19. Ravenloft                (Winning Bid = $ 361)     
20. D&D Realms          (Winning Bid = $ 100)     
21. Judges Guild           (Winning Bid = $ 461)     
22. Tekumel                (Winning Bid = $ 561)     
23. Misc RPGs            (Winning Bid = $ 386)     

24. Micro Armor        (Winning Bid = $ 355)     
25. WW2 Navals        (Winning Bid = $ 418)     
26. Misc Minis            (Winning Bid = $ 140)     
27. Biplane Minis        (Winning Bid = $ 70)     
28. 25mm Terrain       (Winning Bid = $ 60)     
29. Blister Minis        (Winning Bid = $ 210)     
30. Group Minis        (Winning Bid = $ 617)     

31. S&T Mags            (Winning Bid = $ 701)     
32. AH General          (Winning Bid = $ 100)     
33. Wargame Mags     (Winning Bid = $ 200)     
34. Dragon 100            (Winning Bid = $ 755)     
35. Dragon 200            (Winning Bid = $ 255)     
36. Dragon 300            (Winning Bid = $ 135)     
37. Dragon Extras        (Winning Bid = $ 115)     
38. Flying Buffalo        (Winning Bid = $ 41)     

39. Computer Games    (Winning Bid = $ 140)     

We have already contacted all bidders who participated and who won lots.

Below are the original instructions & descriptions, in case you are curious.

Thank you.

Thank you for your interest in bidding on lots of games from the estate of Tom Wargo.  Tom passed away much too soon, and the proceeds from the sale of this classic gaming treasure will be the foundation of his young daughter's college fund.

There is a lot of material on this web page.  Here is the executive summary.  The
Wargo Treasure PilePlease click on the link to jump to that section.


The Schenectady Wargamers Association is facilitating the sale of over 2,000 gaming items from the estate of Tom Wargo. Items are grouped into 39 lots. All items have been evaluated and graded on condition. There are generally no photos, and no opportunity to examine items beforehand.

We will have three rounds of silent auction bidding, starting on Sunday, December 17th.  At the end of the first two rounds, the high bid for each lot will be posted and publicized.  We will then accept higher bids.  Highest bid at the end of round three gets the merchandise. 

Round 3 of bidding started on January 9, 2017, and will end Sunday, January 14, at 11:59 PM.


If you are looking for newer stuff, you might want to stop reading now. Tom Wargo was definitely an "Old School" gamer, and this shows in his collection. A vast majority of the items are from the 1970s-1990s.  

A team of SWA volunteers have reviewed each item and assigned a rating on the condition of that item.  We have used the Noble Knight rating scale, because this was the best one we found.  

To download the whole inventory list in both Excel and PDF format, please click here for the Downloads page on the SWA web site.  This link is repeated below.

Please note the summaries below each list a number of boxes, and the weight of each box.  We provide this info to you so that you can get an idea of how much it will cost if we need to ship the items to you.  Some of these lots will be expensive to ship.  We strongly encourage you to pick items up yourself at an SWA Game-a-thon or directly from Dave's house in Albany, NY, if possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our review did not include confirming all counters are present in the many board games in the collection.  If an item is in "Still in Shrink Wrap (SW)" or "Mint/Unpunched" condition, then yes, you should assume all pieces and counters are present.  Otherwise, we have done our best.  Please check the "Comments" column on the spreadsheet for notes on each item. In general, Tom seemed to take very good care of his stuff.  You know how some people are messy, and some are organized?  Well, Tom's game collection was very organized.  We get the sense that he was very careful with his games.  So, even with older games that are well played, we expect them to be complete.  But with over 2000 individual items to review, we simply did not have the time to confirm each-and-every-piece is present.  Please consider this when bidding.  

There is a lot of stuff here. Tom's collection took up an entire small bedroom converted to a game library, with shelves on every wall. Two thousand+ items is a lot to deal with, and it has been close to two hundred person-hours of work so far. Our apologies if we made a few errors in evaluation or packing. 

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General comment about Wargame Lots 1-2-3-4.
Mr Wargo not only loved wargames, he seemed to love having multiple copies of particular games.  There are many where he has two or more copies.  When this is the case, we have usually split them across Wargame Lots 1, 2, 3 & 4.  You will notice we have also allocated some games to a lot by a common theme, or historical period.  We have tried to balance the lots as best we can, recognizing there is no way to perfectly balance them to everyone's satisfaction.

Lot 1 - WargameLot1
64 items total.  Includes 38 games from the WW2 period. 7 games from the WW1 period.  15 games from the Vietnam & modern periods.  Two books.
3 boxes total.  Medium 30 lb, Medium 35 lb, Large 45 lb

Lot 2 - WargameLot2
66 items total.  14 games from the Napoleonic period.  15 games from the American Civil War period.  29 games from the WW2 period.  Two books/reference materials on the American Civil War period.
3 boxes total.  Medium 35 lb, Medium 25 lb, Large 50 lb

Lot 3 - WargameLot3
56 Items total.  Ambush and three supplements.  Nine games from the Napoleonic period.  Two books on Wargaming.
3 boxes total.  Medium 27 lb, Medium 30 lb, Large 33 lb

Lot 4 - WargameLot4
53 items total.  Ambush and three supplements.  Five games from the Ancients period. If you like Avalon Hill's Russian Campaign, this lot has a full set unpunched, and a second full set printed in some Asian language; it's probably Japanese, but we're not sure.
3 boxes total. Small 11 lb, Medium 35 lb, Large 31 lb

Lot 5 - SPIWargames
74 SPI wargames, almost all of them in the classic "SPI flat box" format.  Some duplicates.  Various periods. Most are mint or near mint condition.
3 boxes total.  Medium 22 lb, Large 35 lb, Large 35 lb

Lot 6 - Europa
17 Europa Game Modules/Boxes. 35 Issues of The Europa News.
1 box, Medium 33 lb

Lot 7 - ASL
A huge collection of Advanced Squad Leader material. Over 20 Modules/rules sets. 11 Magazines.  Lots of hard-back mounted maps, many duplicate maps.  Special note: The counters from most of the modules have been sorted, by nationality, into plastic holders.  That is why the counters show as separate lines on the inventory spreadsheet.  It would take many hours to sort the counters back into their original modules.  There are several photos of the ASL material in the download file.  Street value for this lot is a bit over $2,000.
8 boxes.  Five Medium: 45 lb, 42 lb, 13 lb, 11 lb, 11 lb. Two Large: 32 lb, 19 lb.  One long tube for large laminated maps 4 lb.

Lot 8 - WorldInFlames
World in Flames game, 11 supplements & magazines.  All but one are in mint condition.
1 box, Small 14 lb

Lot 9 - MiscBoard
26 miscellaneous board games from various periods and genres. 4 sports games. Two chess sets. The old 1974 LotR Helm's Deep game might not be much to look at, but it goes for over $100 on BGG and eBay.
1 box, Large 36 lb

Lot 10 - SciFiBundle
A mix of board game, RPG & miniatures products. 10 SciFi board games.  22 issues of the Journal of the Travellers Aid Society, for the Traveller RPG and related universe. Space Opera RPG modules. Gamma World RPG. Five sets of minis – 3 sets of 25mm SciFi figures and 2 sets of space ships.
2 boxes. Medium 26 lb, Small 5 lb

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General comment on the Dungeons & Dragons lots. 
We decided to group the D&D rules material by "generation".  Adventure world settings (Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, etc) each get their own lot as well.  This means there are often duplicates of items in the lots (the opposite of what we did with the board games).  Game Dealers will probably benefit, as well as regular collectors who want to buy a lot and resell duplicate items on eBay for profit.

Lot 11 - Original D&D
A small but very valuable lot. 18 items.  Original small "white box" D&D booklets, and small Arduin Grimoire booklets.  The white box set still has the original low-impact dice, mint condition, still sealed in the original bag.  Just the dice alone go for $125 on eBay - crazy!  We expect this lot will sell for a premium.  Street value looks to be around $1,000.
1 box, Small 7 lb.

Lot 12 - Basic D&D
The full-size box sets  of rules (Basic, Expert, Master, Companion, Immortals), and related adventure modules from this generation. 42 items total.
1 box, Medium 25 lb

Lot 13 - AD&D 1st Ed
74 items total.  Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 1st edition (multiple printings), and related adventure modules.  Please note duplicates of the core rule books (Players Handbook, DMs Guide, etc).  One copy of Deities and Demigods with the Cthulhu Mythos material - extra valuable for collectors!
1 box, Medium 65 lb

Lot 14 - AD&D 2nd Ed
48 items total. This lot has more rule books and reference guides, and fewer adventure modules.  Contains many D&D trading cards, sorted into binders and card sleeve holders.
  1box. Medium 70 lb

Lot 15 - D&D 3rd Ed
22 items total.  Once again we see that Tom was an "old school" gamer; he had a lot less 3rd edition material.  He had no 4th or 5th edition stuff in his collection - 3rd edition is where he stopped.
1 box, Medium 27 lb

Lot 16 - Dragonlance
28 items total.  Source material for the Dragonlance campaign setting.
1 box, Small 15 lb

Lot 17 - Forgotten Realms
26 items total, spanning multiple editions of D&D, for the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.
1 box, Small 22 lb

Lot 18 - Greyhawk
10 items total, for the Greyhawk campaign setting.
1 box, Small 8 lb

Lot 19 - Ravenloft
21 items total, for the Ravenloft campaign setting.
1 box, Small 13 lb

Lot 20 - DDRealms
20 items total, for D&D campaign settings where we didn't have enough items to justify their own lot. 
Two Dark Sun items.  Five Hollow World.  Six Lankhmar.  Three Oriental Adventures.  Two Spelljammer products.  And a TSR puzzle.
1 box, Small 15 lb

Lot 21 - Judges Guild
39 RPG products from the classic Judges Guild.  Twelve issues of the Judges Guild Journal.
1 box, Small 10 lb

Lot 22 - Tekumel
Eight items from the Empire of the Petal Throne / Tekumel game universe, including an original EPT white box set in mint condition.  War of Wizards board game. The street value of this bundle is over $500 (the EPT white box alone goes for $300+).
1 box, Small 5 lb

Lot 23 - MiscRPGs
41 RPG games and supplements. Gangbusters 1920s and 4 modules. Pendragon RPG and 4 supplements. Tunnels & Trolls and 4 supplements. Top Secret espionage RPG and 3 modules. James Bond 007 RPG and 2 modules.  Several more generic fantasy RPG supplements. 4 products of GM aid software.
1 box, Medium 32 lb

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Lot 24 - Micro Armor
Mostly WW2. 12 complete GHQ box sets.  Some boxes still in shrink wrap.  About 230 figures not in box sets.  Mostly vehicles, very little infantry. Mostly unpainted. Also includes two Minis rules sets – Tractics WW2 and Tacforce Modern.  Original retail price of everything is probably in the ballpark of $1200+.
1 box, Medium 18 lb

Lot 25 - WW2 Navals
Over 200 ships in 1/2400 scale, all of them manufactured by Superior Models. Mix of Japanese, German, USA, British.  Some painted, most unpainted. A few are missing some smaller bits.  Original retail price is around $1100.
1 box, Small 27 lb

Lot 26 - MiscMinis
A hodge-podge of various periods. Wild West, Napoleonic, 1920s Gangsters.  A few misc 15mm in here as well. Also has a Napoleonic rules set. 
1 box, Small 4 lb

Lot 27 - BiplaneMinis
24 WW1 Biplanes, 1/285 scale, all manufactured by CinC.  Some assembled, some not.  All are stored very nicely in labeled clear padded case boxes. Retail value appx $85.
1 box, Small 1.25 lb

Lot 28 - 25mmTerrain
Terrain Tiles, doors, wall sections.  Made by Fantasy Forge and Off the Track.
1 box, Small 5.5 lb

Lot 29 - BlisterMinis
25mm fantasy miniatures, still in blister packs or boxes.  Please note that most of the packages have the cardboard trimmed down to the edge of the plastic blister (probably to save storage space). Over 50 listings, some packs contain multiple figures. 
1 box, Small 16 lb

Lot 30 - GroupMinis
Close to 800 miscellaneous 25mm fantasy miniatures and bits. All are loose and separated by groups into ziplock bags. Most of these figures are vintage older castings no longer available (Minifigs, Ral Partha, Grenadier, Heritage).  Three large dragons (need assembly) and one giant 10" long dragon (needs assembly).  Most are not painted.  Those few that are painted have a basic, non-professional paint job.  A quick skim of eBay shows individual figures selling for $2-5, with wide variability, giving us a conservative street value of $1,500 and up for this lot.
1 box, Small 42 lb(!)

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Lot 31 - S&T-Mags
Close to 140 issues of Strategy & Tactics. Many with game complete & unpunched. Some with no game, counters, and/or map.  A few duplicate issues. Please see inventory list for details. 
HISTORICAL NOTE:  Subscribers of S&T might remember there was a phase where SPI had a give-away for issues of the magazine that did not have the associated game inside.  It seems that Tom Wargo had many of these issues. This probably explains the many duplicate issues he has, some with the game components, and some without.
2 boxes. Medium 67 lb, Medium 23 lb

Lot 32 - AHGeneral
42 issues of The General, from Avalon Hill.  Volumes 12-19.  Not a full sequential run. Duplicates of some issues.
1 box, Small 13 lb

Lot 33 - WargameMags
35 issues of Wargamer (3W), 11 issues of Ares (SPI), 3 issues of Challenge (GDW), 2 issues of Command Magazine (GDW), 1 issue of Battlefield, 41 issues of Moves (SPI), 1 issue Wargamers Digest.
1 box, Medium 36 lb

Lot 34 - Dragon100
83 Issues of Dragon magazine, between #1-100.  All gaps in the full sequence are in issues before #46.  Many are in vacuum-sealed bags for superior protection.  Street value of this is probably around $1000.  We see that Dragon #1 alone recently sold for $375 on eBay.
1 box, Medium 44 lb

Lot 35 - Dragon200
100 Issues of Dragon magazine, a full sequential set, #101-200.  Some are in vacuum-sealed bags for superior protection.
1 box, Medium 68 lb

Lot 36 - Dragon300
104 issues of dragon magazine, almost a full sequential set, #201-309, plus #352.  Missing from sequence: 242, 243, 245, 246, 247, 251.  Some are bagged for protection.
1 box, Medium 63 lb

Lot 37 - DragonExtras
27 items total.  Best of the Dragon, Vol  1-4 (some duplicates). Dragon Annual 1-5. Eleven issues of Dungeon magazine. 1 issue Scrye, 1 issue White Wolf, 1 issue The Wizard.
1 box, Small 14 lb

Lot 38 - FlyingBuffaloMag
32 issues of Flying Buffalo Quarterly magazine, between issues #38-68.  One issue of Flying Buffalo Favorite Magazine.
1 box, Small 5 lb


Lot 39 - CompGames
119 Items.  Many Computer games. Some supplemental manuals and strategy guides. Almost all are older; not sure how many will run on Windows 7-8-9-10.  Some are pre-Windows/DOS games!  Not sure if all are complete - we have done our best to match and catalog them.  We expect this lot to go for a pretty low price.
1 box, Medium 51 lb

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Yes. We spent a long time discussing the best way to sell all this treasure. While we would love to sell items individually and get the most money for Tom's young daughter, that is just simply too much work for us to take on. It could take hundreds more hours to facilitate.

Please do not ask if we will split items out of a lot, or create "sub-lots" on the fly. That opens up too many cans of worms.

After a lot of discussion and thought, we think grouping the items by lots strikes the most reasonable balance. We know many of the lots will be in demand by used game vendors. If individual SWA community members like you see stuff you want, we hope that you will buy the whole lot, keep what you want and sell the rest for a profit. Our goal is "win-win" for everyone.

If the lots don't sell for a reasonable price, we will consider other options.   [Back to top of page]


We are sorry, but no.  We have spent over 150 person-hours evaluating and grading the condition of each item, using the Noble Knight grading scale.  It's just not reasonable for us to have over 2000 items available for display.  All items are already boxed and ready for shipment/delivery. Please look at the grades and the comments for each item as the best substitute for direct examination.  [Back to top of page]


No.  Two thousand items is a huge amount of stuff.  If we were going to photograph everything, we might as well go all the way and post each item separately on eBay, and get full "street value" price on everything.  But that would take years, and we don't have the volunteer resources to make that happen.  This silent online auction format is what we consider the best option.  [Back to top of page]


There are two potential discrepancies:
1.    Disagreements about item condition ratings
2.    Missing items.

We have done our best with item condition ratings, and have tried to be consistent across all items.  However, we are not perfect, and we had several people conducting the reviews.  We consider ourselves reasonable people and experienced gamers.  Unless there is a clear, glaring mistake with a rating, please assume that we will not issue any refunds based on disagreements over ratings.  If a game is unplayable, let us know and we will work something out.

We have double-checked each lot as we boxed-up the items.  If there is some kind of discrepancy, we will work it out.  [Back to top of page]


Several SWA members have referred us to some reputable used game dealers. We will contact them and invite them to participate. We will also announce the sale via SWANews, our email newsletter with over 1,000 subscribers. To maximize potential revenue, we will also publicize this auction on various internet sites (Board Game Geek, relevant Facebook groups, etc).

We will have three rounds of "silent auction" email bidding.  The first round of bidding went from December 17-31.  The second round went from January 2-7.

The third and final round is now open, and will run until 11:59 PM on  Sunday, January 14th

After these three rounds, the top bid gets the lot.  

Please note that we reserve the right to reject any bids we consider too low.  Some of the items listed have huge collector value, and are worth hundreds of dollars individually.

Our hope is this is a "win-win" situation.  We want members of the gaming community to get some great gaming treasure at an attractive price. We also want to maximize the amount we can raise for the college fund of Tom's young daughter.

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There is the possibility we could end with tied bids.  We had several ties at the end of Round 1. 
Ties at the end of Rounds 1 & 2 are not consequential, as you have an opportunity to bid higher to break the tie.

Here is how we will resolve ties at the end of Round 3, to determine the winner of the lot:
  1. First tiebreaker is bidders who are willing to pick up the stuff directly from Dave's house, saving us the trouble of moving and/or shipping.
  2. Second tiebreaker is a simple die roll.
If we have tied bids at the end of Round 3, we will contact the bidders to see if any are willing to pick the items up directly.

Please note you cannot "bid into" a tie.  For example, if the top bid is $750, we will reject any bids lower than $751.


After the third and final round, we will contact all winning bidders.  Please be ready to pay a 20% deposit within three days.  PayPal is probably the most convenient.  The SWA will absorb the PayPal fees.  

For those of you picking up items at an SWA Game-a-thon, directly from Dave's house, or at a convention, you can either pay in advance or bring the balance of payment with you.  PayPal or Cash please, no checks.  We will not release the merchandise to you until your payment is received and cleared.

For those of you who need us to ship the items to you, please make your 20% deposit within three days.  We will be in contact with you about the best way to ship.  We will price that out and your final payment will be the remaining 80% plus the shipping cost.  We will not ship the merchandise to you until your payment is received and cleared.   [Back to top of page]


If you are the high bidder, there are three options.  
  1. Pick up the items at an SWA Game-a-thon, or directly from Dave's house in Albany, NY.
  2. Pay to have us ship the items to you.
  3. SWA folks attend many conventions around the Northeast.  TotalCon, Havoc and Huzzah are coming up in the next several months, to name just a few.  We might be able to arrange for you to meet one of us and get your items there. We will still assess a shipping cost, but we expect it will be significantly lower than if you pay to ship the goods via normal delivery methods.
Please note the lot summaries above, and the PDF file of each lot, list a number of boxes, and the weight of each box.  We provide this info to you so that you can get an idea of how much it will cost if we need to ship the items to you.  Some of these lots will be expensive to ship.  We strongly encourage you to pick items up yourself at an SWA Game-a-thon or directly from Dave's house in Albany, NY, if possible.


Honestly, we don't have an answer to that right now.  We hope they all go for a reasonable price.  If some lots get no reasonable bids, we'll regroup and figure something out.   [Back to top of page]


The Schenectady Wargamers Association will probably make very little money from this effort, especially considering the close to 200 person-hours we have put into cataloging and preparing the items for sale.  Overall, our cut is 10%.  That is split between the volunteers and the club.  

The SWA volunteers who put in the time to organize, catalog and evaluate all the items had the opportunity to claim some stuff for themselves, or to take a discount on a purchase.

The club will keep 10% of the money collected, minus the share that went to the volunteers, and minus PayPal fees.  We don't expect this to be a significant amount.  We are doing this not for the money, but to help Tom's family see some kind of return on the thousands of dollars Tom spent acquiring all this treasure over the years.   [Back to top of page]


Step One:  Please click here to go to the Downloads page on the SWA web site to download a ZIPped file that contains:
  1. A spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel format that lists all the items.  You can filter, sort & search to your heart's content.
  2. Forty individual PDF files. One shows all items, and then there is a separate PDF for each game lot.
  3. A PDF file that shows the Noble Knight grading scale that we used to evaluate all the items.  Many thanks to Noble Knight for developing this comprehensive system.
  4. Some other stuff.
Step Two:  Determine which lots you want to bid on, and the amount of your bid.

Step Three:  Send an email to wargo-bids /at/ swa-gaming.org with your bids.
Please indicate if this your first time bidding, or if you already bid in Rounds 1 or 2.

We suggest you copy-and-paste the following text block directly into the body of your email message. 

Round 3 bids are due by 11:59 PM on Sunday, January 14, 2018

My Name:           
Phone Number:   
Location (City & State): 


1. Wargame Lot 1        (Current top bid = $ 700)        
2. Wargame Lot 2        (Current top bid = $ 700)     
3. Wargame Lot 3        (Current top bid = $ 500)     
4. Wargame Lot 4        (Current top bid = $ 550)     
5. SPI Wargames         (Current top bid = $ 1,150)    
6. Europa                    (Current top bid = $ 280)     
7. ASL                        (Current top bid = $ 905)     
8. World in Flames    (Current top bid = $ 275)     
9. Misc Board            (Current top bid = $ 100)     
10. SciFi Bundle         (Current top bid = $ 530)     

11. Original D&D        (Current top bid = $ 770)     
12. Basic D&D            (Current top bid = $ 900)     
13. AD&D 1st Ed         (Current top bid = $ 650)     
14. AD&D 2nd Ed        (Current top bid = $ 300)     
15. D&D 3rd Ed           (Current top bid = $ 222)     
16. Dragonlance           (Current top bid = $ 200)     
17. Forgotten Realms    (Current top bid = $ 225)     
18. Greyhawk                (Current top bid = $ 125)     
19. Ravenloft                (Current top bid = $ 260)     
20. D&D Realms          (Current top bid = $ 100)     
21. Judges Guild           (Current top bid = $ 326)     
22. Tekumel                (Current top bid = $ 410)     
23. Misc RPGs            (Current top bid = $ 326)     

24. Micro Armor        (Current top bid = $ 250)     
25. WW2 Navals        (Current top bid = $ 300)     
26. Misc Minis            (Current top bid = $ 140)     
27. Biplane Minis        (Current top bid = $ 70)     
28. 25mm Terrain       (Current top bid = $ 60 - mistake caught)     
29. Blister Minis        (Current top bid = $ 210)     
30. Group Minis        (Current top bid = $ 520)     

31. S&T Mags            (Current top bid = $ 701)     
32. AH General          (Current top bid = $ 100)     
33. Wargame Mags     (Current top bid = $ 200)     
34. Dragon 100            (Current top bid = $ 600)     
35. Dragon 200            (Current top bid = $ 200)     
36. Dragon 300            (Current top bid = $ 100)     
37. Dragon Extras        (Current top bid = $ 115)     
38. Flying Buffalo        (Current top bid = $ 21)     

39. Computer Games    (Current top bid = $ 140)     


Since Round 3 is your final chance to bid, it will be the most stressful. Even if you are the high bidder for round 2, there is no way to know if someone has their eye on that lot and is bidding higher than you in round 3. Our hope is this tension pushes bids as close to "Street Value" as possible.

An economist would say that the most rational, logical strategy is for you to bid the number that exactly matches the value to you.
  • Let’s say you think the true value of a lot is 950.
  • If you bid 900, you risk someone bidding 901-950 and you feel bad that you didn’t bid higher, because you were willing to go higher, but didn't.
  • If you bid 950, and someone else wins at 951, then you don’t feel bad, because that’s more than you feel the lot is worth.

We will also tell you that based on questions we've received, there are probably at least ten people who have not yet bid, probably because they are waiting until round three.

If you'd like to dig even deeper, you can use your favorite search engine and look for "blind auction bidding strategy analysis".  There are published academic papers on stuff like this.

When bidding, please remember this is not just about getting stuff cheap.  For that, the Council of Five Nations Discount Auction is your best venue.  The money raised from this sale will be going to the college fund of a young girl who lost her father way too soon.

Thank you.

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"I am the Round 2 top bidder for Lot X at $1000 (not the real number).  If I raise my bid to $1250 for Round 3, but nobody else bids higher than $1000, do I pay $1000, or $1250?"
You pay $1250 for the lot (not including shipping).   When you raise your bid in round 3 to 1250, you are committing to pay that amount if you win. 
We’ve had a few emails where it seems that "blind auction" means different things to different people.   The uncertainty about the bids of other bidders is the defining characteristic of the "Blind Auction" format. 

In this example, you don't know if anyone else is bidding higher than your current 1000.  You are blind to their thinking and their bids.  This puts pressure on you to bid up to your point of perceived value. 

"Is the cost of shipping part of my bid, or is it totally separate?"
Shipping is totally separate from your bid! 
Nobody has really asked this, but we want to be absolutely clear on this point.

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Once we have determined the winning bidders for all the lots, here is the detailed breakdown of how things will proceed
(this assumes we are shipping to you, vs you picking up the lot(s) in person):
  1. We contact you to confirm you are the winner of a lot, or multiple lots.
  2. You make a down-payment of at least 20% to lock in your commitment, within 3 days.  In this case we prefer PayPal, or credit card via PayPal.
  3. We research shipping options, and communicate with you to determine your preferred option.  This might take a few days.
  4. We will insure all shipments to the amount you paid.  We will split the cost of insurance with you 50/50.
  5. Once we have a final quote on shipping & insurance costs, you send us the rest of your payment in full.  PayPal is OK.  Credit card via our PayPal account is OK.  Check is fine too, but will slow things down.
  6. Once payment is cleared, we will ship the items to you.
  7. Please note we are not a for-profit business.  We are hobby club volunteers with families and full-time jobs.  We cannot guarantee that the shipment will go out the day your payment clears.  We appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter.

Please note that if you are able, we strongly encourage you to pick up your lots directly from Dave's house in Albany, NY.  Or meet us at an upcoming SWA Game-a-thon event.  Or maybe even meet us at an upcoming game convention, like TotalCon (February 2018), or Huzzah (May 2018).

Thank you for your participation.

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